Crime in the Cities

January 17, 2011
By , Hartland, WI
There he was-- sitting on the side of the road, a 12 year old boy, waiting to be picked up. As I looked in his sweet, innocent eyes I would have never guessed what he was. The next big culprit. A ruthless gangster at 12. What the hell is happening to this world?
That night a bank robbery, a murder, and a gang war took place. He took part in every crime that night. His initiations… inane tasks, don’t get caught. Kids his age are placed under duress to join or die. He gave in. The next day I saw those innocent eyes glaring at me on the front page of the Journal. WANTED… big and bold. What did he go through that his ethics were so deranged? Don’t parents teach them right from wrong…? I guess not.
The crime rate is growing rampantly because the children aren’t getting admonished for their wrong doings. They are allowing their kids join a clandestine in gangs, without thinking twice. They choose to glance the other way as to concur with the actions. They are flagrantly disregarding the law. Each generation keeps getting worse. This will soon be inexorable to stop. Kids will be gang members everywhere.

Cities should not tolerate this behavior. We need to do something about it. Or more innocent children will die due to gang wars. Parents please punish what needs to be punished. Or you will regret the day they kill or get killed.

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