January 17, 2011
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To: The students of Arrowhead High School

RE: Relieving Stress

Stress is an important aspect to one’s life. School, work, family, and friends can all be a creator of stress. Take it all in and use some of these helpful ways to relieve stress.

Here at Arrowhead we know that Mr. Nejedlo is a harbinger of detentions. If you receive a detention, tell your parents and move on. If you thwart the detentions by following the rules you won’t receive any. Below are some more examples to make sure you don’t succumb to stress.

Homework is time consuming. Make sure you are well prepared and take your time to do it correctly. This way it won’t be excruciating.

Try to have an easy after school schedule to ensure you have time to respite and reflect on the day.

Don’t leave your friends remote because they are going to help you through the stressful moments.

If someone close to you has a malignant disease make sure to take time and be there for them. It will be a hard time for both of you but keep pushing through.

If you are a religious person, look to God because he is always ubiquitous.

A little TV time with the family can help take your mind off of stressful things.

When you are fretful of grades or school in general, find a way to relax. Try going for a walk, or listening to music.

If something happens to fail with your grades or school work try to reverberate back to your normal self and shake it off.

If you have a pet, take it for a walk, or talk to it. The pet likes to get attention and it will help you overcome the stress.

Take frequent breaks from what you are doing. Make sure you still get the task done but ease your stress by getting some water and sitting down.

If you have annoying siblings they can get in the way. Come up with a creative activity to keep them busy.

Talk things out.

And lastly set your priorities straight.

There are ways to succumb stress. Try some of the things listed above and see what works for you. Sometimes you need to show your stress to other s and sometimes you need to keep it to yourself until you work it out. Keep striving to do your best.

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