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January 17, 2011
By Kailey Schwarzenbacher SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Kailey Schwarzenbacher SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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I have encountered a variety of people. Each person, different in their own way, has an effect on your life. The amicable ones change you for good, while the nefarious ones change you for bad.

Sometimes you may not know what a person is like until you have been with them for a while. The day I met the Prusow family, I thought nothing about it. Just an ordinary family that needed a babysitter, I would be the one for the job. It wasn’t until I began to scrutinize the family that I noticed the type of people they were. Daryl, being the clean freak, has taught me to help out around the house more often. Jenny, the loving mother of three, has shown me her kindness through caring for her children. Also when children solicit at her door step, she never hesitates to buy what they are selling. The day I asked Jenny to be my sponsor for confirmation, she was so honored that she could help me after all that I do for her. I try to put them first to show how important they are to me.

The children have reflected the attitude of their parents. I would advocate for them if they were ever in need of assistance. Lexi, Madison, and Dylan are not vexatious; they just want to be loved.

This past fall, Zazu, their dog got a malady that could be live changing. Diabetes is not fun and Zazu is being a trooper taking the insulin shots daily. Then when the insulin became ineffectual, we had to up the dosage. The children love Zazu dearly.

Being with them every day during the summer, and now getting the children off of the bus has changed me tremendously. I would never think to go back to the old me. They usually don’t loath when I ask them for help, even if it is with my personal life. The Prusows took me in, taking me on family trips, and including me in all they do. Without them I don’t know where I would be.

I try to help them out with all of their astute ideas. I make sure that everyone is happy and we all get along very well.

One time the Prusows took me on a family vacation, the children were so ecstatic. We went swimming in the pool, and we went shopping on the streets of Chicago. The experience made me realize how special they are. And the impacts they have made on me and my life will stay forever.

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