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January 14, 2011
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Dear Arrowhead School Board
I believe the new policy on school attire has deeply distraught the student body. Arrowhead not should enforce this malicious policy for fear that the student body will not tolerate it and revolt. The new dress code will do nothing but waste people’s money, aggravate the students, and create a hostile learning environment.

In this recession, families have a paucity of cash, and they shouldn’t be forced to spend it on new expensive clothes. If families are forced to spend money on clothes they won’t have money to pay their bills and will be forced to go homeless. If families go homeless students won’t be able to study and test scores will drop, and the school will lose funding. The policy will not only hurt the students, but also the school. This new policy is so pernicious to the students’ families’ wallets that they might just get up and leave arrowhead.

I am writing this to try to help the student body gain impunity from this unjust policy. The only way this new rule will be tolerated, will be if the school provides new clothes for everyone. I would like to see the board construe a new policy where they elicit the formal attire from the policy. This new policy is acrimonious and will hurt arrowhead more than it will help. I hope you reconsider this rule and pull it form the rule book.



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