Gang Affects in Wisconsin

January 14, 2011
By Quist22 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Quist22 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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In Wisconsin the number of crimes committed has flagrantly increased due to all the convicts now in Wisconsin jails. In Milwaukee alone the homicide rate has rampantly increased over the current year of 2005. Citizens and many police officers are beginning to believe that this rate is increasing due to the rising gang population over the year.
After a tornado in August hit and destroyed all of Chicago, Illinois, many gang culprits packed their bags and headed north to Milwaukee Wisconsin. Any person who isn’t inane and has good ethics would concur that these gangs need to be stopped. That’s why as of September 1st the state of Wisconsin has set up a border patrol station on the Illinois/Wisconsin line to filter out and admonish all of gang activity.
Due to the border patrol stations, the gangs are no longer clandestine, but now the main topic of Wisconsin residents. Also, many Milwaukee residents are even beginning to duress the gangs by fighting back and not letting them take over their city. The gangs believed that they were inexorable, but as of right now Milwaukee residents are persuading them and making them stay home in Chicago.
Since January 2006 the gang activity in Milwaukee has dropped almost 72%, and the homicide rate has went down an astonishing 84%. Since the border patrol stations the gangs of Chicago haven’t touched Milwaukee and they even seem to have an effect on the gangs of Wisconsin, which is a good vision everyone can live with.

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I wrote this piece for school.

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