January 14, 2011
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Beth flung open the door to the doctor’s office in a panic. She had been scrutinizing over this appointment all week. It was time to find out her prognosis. The nefarious receptionist looked up from her work, “how can I help you?” she said sounding vexatious. Beth checked into her appointment and took a seat in the waiting room. Sitting there, each minute felt like an eternity had passed. There were children playing with toys and a mother chatting on her cell phone. Beth wondered what these children here for; where they as worried as her? Clearly not. How could they be so amicable when they were here?
The door opened. A nurse came out. Are they finally ready to call me back? Beth felt as if a hundred pounds of stress had been lifted. The wait was finally over. “Jill?”
The panic set back in. It was not her turn yet. Beth observed another patient was at the front desk advocating her opinion. She wanted to see the doctor and she wanted to see the doctor now. The receptionist replied saying the doctor was loath to see her now because she did not have an appointment. The woman stormed away ineffectually angry she didn’t what she wanted.
“Last call, Beth?” Beth had gotten so caught up watching this whole situation that she had missed the nurse call her name. Beth stood in a hurry. This was it. She was going to find out if she was free of maladies. Beth was led to her room where the doctor was waiting. He immediately told her she was cancer-free.
Beth had just worried for an entire week and it was all for nothing. She walked out the office door reading the No Soliciting sign with newly found optimism.

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