Letter to Satan

January 14, 2011
By jordanakajay1 SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
jordanakajay1 SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Dear Arrowhead School Board,

This pernicious thought of dressing up every day is unacceptable. People will tolerate dressing up on Fridays, but not every single day. The School Board must take action, and consider that individuals can’t dress up every day. Making people dress up will elicit people’s anger because individuals such as me, don’t own attire to dress up every day.

Please take into consideration the fact that buying new clothes isn’t an option for individuals. The fact that individuals don’t have a paucity of clothing to dress up every day is common among the students. The School Board is distraught if they make dressing up mandatory. Why not come to terms with the students, and construe a new clothing rule for the school. Dressing up on Fridays is reasonable for students; dressing up every day is acrimonious.

Please take the new rule in to consideration. Student’s own shorts, jeans, and sweat shirts. Students have a scarce duplicity of nice pants, and nice shirts. Students will wear jeans with impunity on dress up days because they ran out of clean dress up pants. I rather have clean clothed students, not students that wear the egregious dress clothes that haven’t been washed. Please change the dress up rule to Friday, not the entire week.

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