January 13, 2011
By Araceli Lagunas BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Araceli Lagunas BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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Their is alot of violance going on around our world. One of the effects of violance is that it could lead to death. It can also lead to drugs and alcohol. Violence is not just physical its also emotional. Violence can lead to many different bad and sad things.

Carlos was 14 years old and he was a good student in school and a good kid at home he would always help his mom on everything she needed. He also took care of his little brothers he would feed them and sometimes he even made dinner for his family.

He wasent the same sense my auncle started to get home drunk and he would get mad for everything, he would yell at carlos and he would hit him if he didnt do something right. Carlo’s dad would also hit his wife and everytime he hit her, carlos would just cry and he would say he didnt wanted to be like his dad when he grew up. Carlos told his mom that he would never hit a girl never.

When carlos was 15 he wasent the same he had Fs in school, he would get home at 10. At school teachers started to worry about him they asked him if something was wrong or if something was happening at home but carlos would say that everything was ok. Carlos had a brother his name was jorge he was 13 years old. Jorge knew that carlos was in a gang and he thought it was really cool to be a cholo. One night my aunt heard jorge talking to his friend and saying that his older brother was part of a gang. Carlos’ mom couldnt believe what jorge was saying she got really worryed and called the school for help.

There is violence everywere, in many different ways. It can lead you to many different bad and painful things. It affects your family people that love you.

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