The Last Standing

January 13, 2011
All for you

A young woman
A little child
They see eachother and hide
As if the other is a bomb
But they’ve seen enough of those

They move towards eachother
“Hello” the woman says in the other language
“Please…” the child wimpers in the same language
“Please, what?” the woman asks
“Please don’t hurt me”

The words cut through the woman
“Why would I hurt you?”
The child’s eyes are still wide
“Your people come, many hurt”
The woman understood.

The smoke was billowing into the sky now
Daga-daga-daga-daga-daga of artillery rang
Both look towards the smolders and wonder
Both are thinking the same thing
I should be in there

“Why you run?” the child asked
“Why you leave your people?”
The woman hesitates for a moment
“Why do you not help them?”

The child has no idea what she has screamed
But he stops.
She stares at him with intensity and sorrow
Sorrow for herself, and those she left behind
“I’m the only one left.”

“Why are you here?” the child asks
“You bring your guns, your people,
yet you are here with me”
“Why did you come?”
The answer came slowly,
“I came for you.”

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