January 13, 2011
By XLoveisdeadX SILVER, Brandon, Mississippi
XLoveisdeadX SILVER, Brandon, Mississippi
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“Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.” ~James Dean

Harper stood close to her friends, smoking her cigarette and pulling her jacket close to her. She tried to pretend to talk, but her face was focus on another group. The "cool group" they call themselves. Although she hates them, there was someone standing with them she was staring at. He wasn't looking at her, but she was glancing at him.

His golden hair, the way he smiled, and his blue-green eyes made her melt inside, but when she looked closely at him, she gagged. Her best friend, JoBeth looked at her and asked her if she was okay.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Don't worry about me." Harper said. In the inside, though, she wasn't. JoBeth rolled her eyes and continued talking to the group.

Everything felt like lies. The party, the talk, the phone calls, the kiss, everything. Harper felt cheated, confused even. He was only a fake, a liar. Even staring at him sometimes made her feel like she was used, dumped for popularity.

But then again, he did love her. Yeah, Harper thought, he did. Now, what? He needs me because miss stuck-up witch found another joke to play around with? Like I'm going back to him. But Harper frowned at the thought and looked at him again.

Seth. That's his name.

Harper remembered their relationship clearly. The party. That's where she met him. The music beating in her ears, the ugly dress she had to wear, the makeup JoBeth put on her. Oh, yeah, she definitely remembers that party.

JoBeth invited her to her parents' beach house in Los Angeles. Her parents were in Europe for the summer, so JoBeth had the whole house to herself and a couple of her closest friends, including Harper. It was three weeks shy of the beginning of school and JoBeth decided to have one more party for the sack of it.

Cups of whiskey and beers were served while the stereo was boomed up, loud enough to be heard from China, if possible. Harper tried to avoid the huge crowd, suggesting going outside near the beach. Before she left, she took a glance at JoBeth, sucking the face of a drunken girl and screaming her head off. Harper shook her head in shame and stepped outside to the back porch.

A little bonfire was flaming two feet away from the house. Harper saw no one was near it and went down to sit. She took out a cigarette and smoke on it while watching the ocean. To Harper, the moon looked like a huge quarter, flowing in the sky and the ocean like a puddle of water on a silver concrete. It amused Harper every since her parents brought her to the beach.

Footsteps creeped up on her, and Harper quickly turned. A skinny blond guy in jeans and a wore-out t-shirt stood near her with a cup in his hands.

"Um, excuse me, do you mind if I sit here?" He asked, kneeled down. Harper nodded and watches him sit. She stared at him, head to toe, and then, fell shock.

"Um, no mind asking, but you like Avenged Sevenfold?" She asked, pointing at his shirt. The guy stared down and smiled.

"Ha, yeah, I do. Actually went to one of their concert." He looked at her. Harper's heart stopped and it wasn't because of his face.

"No way, seriously? I love them. How did you-"

"Cousin of mine knows their manager. He gave us some free tickets as a gift."

"Ha, I asked my mother to buy me tickets to their concert in Seattle. You know what she said? That no daughter of hers is going to some stupid concert full of hell." Harper smirked and exhaled on her cigarette.

"Your mother doesn’t like you?" He asked, taking a sip from his cup.

"It's not like she likes me, it just she doesn't like the music I listen to or the friends I hang out with. She hates the fact that my friends drink and smoke. That's why I can't smoke near or close to my house. 'It will get on my last damn nerve if you do' she said." Harper laughed.

"Funny, my dad thinks the same way. He thinks I need to stop all of this "rebel" stuff and be a man for once. He literally brought me to the doctor once to find out what's wrong with me. The doctor laughed at him and told him I was just a teenager. Dad almost made a scene at the doctor's office because of that."

"Ouch. Your dad sounds like a jerk." Harper said, pulling her auburn hair from her eyes.

"He is. He's like own this huge company and thinks I should become like him so I can own the company one day. I literally told him heck no one day. He screamed and turned like bright red. I was grounded for a week and couldn't listen to my iPod. But what he didn't know was I had a CD player.

Sometimes I think he's out of his mind. He's like 'What type of son are you? Sometimes you act like a little girl. Grow up.'" Seth mimics his father while he said the words. He laughed and so did Harper.

Harper couldn't believe how much in common she had with Seth. He liked the same bands as her, felt the same about his parent and love the same clothes like her. He was another Harper except cuter and a guy.

Even after the party, they hung out with each other. He asked her on a date the next day, letting her ride in his car and talking with her next to the beach again. Seth gave Harper a goodbye kiss before she left and called her after she went back. But when he moved to Tacoma, he changed.

Harper started to see him more with Olivia and her fake friends. He stopped calling her, ignore her at school. Seth wore polo and jeans like them and even acted like them. Harper stopped trying to talk to him and knew he was just a fake.

So when he asked her out for a date, Harper quickly said no. But when she thought about it, Harper gave him a chance. What could possibly go wrong, Harper thought. She expected it will be a typical date, but it turned into a date of misery. She didn't even want to finish the date.

Seth brought Harper to some restaurant most of the high school students went. They ate and chatted like they used to before Seth moved to Tacoma, but then sometimes went wrong. Seth started to cover his head and hid under a menu. Harper got confused and looked around.

"What's going on, Seth?" Harper asked. Seth looked over the menu and glanced at a table across from them. A couple of the football jocks were sitting down, playing with their food. They usually hung out with Seth at gym and clowned about girls and sports. One of the topics was about Olivia. Seth didn't want to tell anybody yet about Olivia and him, but one thing turned to another and it was spilled out.

"Dude, you're freaking serious? Olivia's hard to get." One of them said.

"How you do it?" Another asked. Seth laughed in guilt and said Olivia asked him. The guys howled and whistled. They congrats him and high-fived.

Now, being on a date with Harper will questioned them. Harper stared at Seth and then, turned around to see what he was watching. She saw the football players and then, stared at Seth again. Before she could say something, Reagan, the school's quarterback, came by their table.

"Seth, is that you man?" Reagan yelled and they exchanged a handshake. "Man, how are you?"

"Um. I'm doing fine. Thanks for asking." Seth looked at Harper, gazing at Seth and Reagan hard. Reagan managed to stare at Harper and questioned.

"Hey, who's she?" Seth opened his mouth, but then stopped. Uh-oh. If he finds out Harper's my date, he will think I'm not dating Olivia and then, its loser field for me, Seth thought. He swallowed and then, spoke.

"That's my friend, Harper. We're just here talking and stuff." Seth said. Harper turned to watch Seth and grew angry. Friend? He just thought of me as a friend? Harper thought.

"Oh. So you still are going out with Olivia?" Reagan asked. Olivia? Seth? Harper shouldn't stand it anymore. He lied to her. The fake he is. Harper grabbed her jacket and left the table. Seth followed behind her.

"Hey, wait up. Harper!" Seth yelled. She stopped for a brief moment, but then keeps going. Seth caught up and grabbed her shoulder. Harper shook his hand off and stepped back. She was crying, trying not to look at him.

"Look, whatever I said, I didn't mean it. I just said that so Reagan-"

"What? So Reagan thinks you're dating Olivia. Huh? Is that it? Or is it the fact that you don't want them to know that you're going out with me. Oh, yeah, now since you're cool and all, it will be a crime to being dating some lowdown chick like me! Yeah, I so get it!" Harper yelled. She began walking off again.

"What? It's not like that." Seth said, following her. Harper stopped again and looked him in the eyes.

"Then, what is it? Huh? Gosh, every since you moved here, you changed. You totally ignore me at school; don't call me anymore. All of a sudden like to wear those stupid preppy clothes. Then, when you come talking to me, you are your old self, like you never changed a bit. Sometimes, I don't even know who you are anymore.

And what' worst is you can't even tell your friends that we're going out. That's being a complete jerk and you know what, you’re not that cool. You're just a fool, messing with my emotions. So you know what, forget you. Okay. Forget you!" Harper walked off and got in her car.

Seth stood there, shocked and mad at himself. He kicked some rock on the parking lot and went back to the restaurant. Harper drove home, wiping her tears from her eyes.

Harper thought about that moment, while looking at him. Since that night, she tried to smoke away her hurt, which helped a lot. But every time she saw him, she felt like crying. It was hard to get off him. Harper heard the bell rang inside the school and threw her cigarette to the ground, walking with her friends to the building.

Across the parking lot, Seth and his friends separated, going different directions. Olivia, wrapped under Seth's arms, kissed him goodbye and ran off with her friends. Reagan and Dick, the school's class clown, high-fived Seth and went to gym. Harper and her friends walked by them and smirked along the way. Seth managed to see Harper and tried to holler her name, but stopped.

Olivia saw Harper and her friends and laughed.

“Hey, freaks. Going to the freak convention?” Olivia mocked and her friends laughed. Harper gave her the middle finger and walked off. Seth watched her leave and sighed. He grabbed his backpack and walk to class.

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