January 13, 2011
Most people don’t see much outside the window of my Language Arts classroom. They just see bare trees, bushes, dry leaves, some rocks, and dirt. Then, they go back to memorizing their prepositions, like good little students; however, I see possibilities.

I imagine myself everywhere whenever I look out those windows. I can be far, far away from this world of grammar and writing. I would never need to know how to diagram prepositional phrases again.

If I could only stop time for a few seconds, then I could run away. I could go to the Starbucks down the road, but a hot chocolate, and do whatever I want: read, search the Internet, just stare out onto space. The possibilities are endless.

No one would be with me. They wouldn’t tell me what to do, or how to do it, or that what I’m doing is wrong. I could do everything and nothing, and no one would be able to question it. No one would say, ‘Hey! Start doing something!’. I would be free.

But I’m still stuck here, no matter how hard I wish for it to not be true. I can’t run into the woods, or jump into the clouds. This chair, an uncomfortable blue prison, will just have to hold me a little bit longer. I might be able to get away someday, but not today.

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