Chapter 1/ Teenage, Me

January 14, 2011
By abmusiclover DIAMOND, Hyde Park, Vermont
abmusiclover DIAMOND, Hyde Park, Vermont
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Charlotte’s hips swung in a sedative manner. Any guy would swoon at the sight of her. Herself inducing body made everyone stop to stare. She found self pleasure in watching the pain of others and wrecking havoc on anyone she could, especially the girls with low self esteem and anxiety. She had a new victim, fresh pray. A girl no more than 15 with curly brown hair and two big blue eyes. She had just moved from Georgia and was already a very shy girl. She was petite and Charlotte could see straight through her, she was scared. She only had one friend, a family friend who used to live in Georgia as well, his name was Sam. A blond haired boy from a white collar family who had the power of money and high society.

Charlotte couldn’t wait to meet the new girl. Hannah Cye was probably the most vulnerable in the tenth grade. She swung her hips and went into the bathroom to make herself look even more intimidating. She watched herself place her long fingernails on her hips, then she painted her lips red and shook out her hair, she adjusted her hooker boots and thigh high skirt. Hannah will have no idea what’s coming for her. She walked out and a tall, black haired boy in a trench coat stopped her.

“I’ve told you thousands of time, you need to pay up.”

“Not now Zeke, I’m too busy,”

“I’ll make you a sweet deal honey,” He said, bending down to her level. “You can pay me 70 dollars, no interest or you can pay me by giving me some of that hot bod,”

“Well, my prices are pretty high, but, if one time is all you need, I’ll see you tonight,” She blew a kiss to the black haired boy who smiled.
“Madison, you wait there just one second,” He stepped close to her face and his hot breath caressed her pale face. “You better be, otherwise you’ll have the devil himself to pay,”
“Honey, I’m sure I’ve met the devil himself, and I’m not scared. But I’ll be there,” She took her head and pushed him back gently. With a smile and a wink she waved her long fingers. Charlotte strutted down the halls like nobodies business. He growled at her and shot her a nasty glance.

“Tonight’s your last chance Madison, I’m warning you.”

Hannah was sitting outside for lunch with Sam.

“So, how do you like it here?” He asked, smiling.

“It’s okay, I don’t love it, but it is what it is I guess. It’s good to see you again,”

“Yeah, last time I saw you you had just turned thirteen. You’ve really grown up.

“Yeah well, I leave you at 14 and I come back to find you 16. Your driving now! God, I can’t believe that. I remember when we used to sit in my backyard just talk about our days together.”

“It’s crazy, you’ve gotten real big Han,”

“I feel a lot bigger than when I was fourteen, I’ve girlfriends and everything.”

“Girlfriends? I remember you had one of those in Georgia, didn’t ya?”

“Yeah, one or two. None of them were ever serious.”

“Do you have one now?”

“A girlfriend?”

“Yes! Your such a silly goose Sam,” She smiled.

“Nah, when I find the right girl I’ll know,”

“Will you?”

“I hope so, how about you? Anybody in your life that’s special?”

“No, I’m too new. Guys aren’t really into me, there all into superficial girls like that one with the tight clothes and all that make up.”

“Yeah, that’s Charlotte. Guys are all over her, but you do know she’s a prostitute right?”

“A what?”

“A prostitute? I forgot, you’ve lived in a bubble your whole life…” His voice trailed off.

“Shut up….after my mom died when I was little my adopted parents didn’t want me to ever be scarred by anything dramatic, so, they never told me anything. So what is a prostitute?” She asked like a five year old asks where babies come from.

“Well, it’s kind of like a mistress,” He explained.

“A what?” She looked up at him with her two big blue eyes.

“A mistress is a women, or, girl, who isn’t his husband or partner or boyfriend or whatever. But they have a continuing sexual relationship…. You do know what sex is don’t you?”

“I’m not that stupid! Of course…but what’s a prostitute?”

“A women who sells her sex, illegally.”

“Oh…so she has guys pay her to have sex with them,”

“Well, she does have quite the body.”

“I guess, but she is very superficial, like you said,”

“Yeah, she’s seems like a total b****,” She was interrupted by the clonking footsteps of no one other than Charlotte.

“Well hello, hello there, may I sit here?” She asked.

“Go away Charlotte,” Sam groaned.

“Not very nice Sam, not very nice,” She smiled. “So, Hannah is it? I’m sure your parents are very original now aren’t they?” She asked getting close to Hannah, who pushed her away.

“Look, I just moved in with my brother, but I’ve lived with my adopted parents. My mom died.”

“Aww, I’m so sorry! There is no way I’ll beat you up now! My sympathy is with you!”

“Really?” Hannah said her wide eyes beaming.

“You are one naïve little girl, no. I have no mercy for anyone, not even you, not your god damned mother who I hope burned in hell miserably and was cursed for eternity. I bet she’s suffering right this very moment.” Charlotte hissed.

“I already told you Charlotte, leave her alone!” Sam stood up.

“Yeah…leave me alone!” She straightened her skirt and looked down. Hannah had been kept from danger and things that would scare her until she was about ten years old. She had been lied to about everything, and up until she was ten she had no idea what death was. Hannah’s adopted parents had home schooled her, to keep from all the bad things the world had, so high school was something very, very new to her.

“Sammy, honey, do you honestly think you can take me? ‘Cuz I’ll take you right now.” She laughed.

“That is it Madison, get your filthy self away from me!” Sam started to raise his voice as he got up and threw her fist at her. Charlotte grabbed him by the chest and popped her fist right into his jaw. He tried to fight back but her fists were fast as she continuously made him bleed.

“Sam no! Please! Stop! Take me for him, hurt me not him!” Hannah pleaded. Charlotte dropped Sam with a laugh.

“Come here than,” Charlotte smiled. Hannah took one step forward before taking off running. Charlotte grabbed her hair and Hannah screamed in pain as she was pulled back by her newly found enemy.

“Don’t be angry Sammy boy,” She laughed. “Your little girlfriend isn’t in too much danger,”

“She’s not my girlfriend, and go f*** off,” She shook her head.

Sam stood up screaming at Charlotte angrily “You leave her alone! She hasn’t done anything to you! You’re an idiot Charlotte! A f***ing idiot! F*** off!” She smiled and walked off. Sam stood up and helped Hannah up off the group where she lay crying. “Are you hurt?” He asked concerned.

“Ouch…I don’t…I don’t know.” She said trying to stand up.

“Han!” He said, “Your bleeding,” He stared at her bleeding lip. “Did she hit you?”

“No…, I just kinda…well I fell,” She explained sheepishly. He cleaned up her lip with a napkin and looked at her.

“I’m so sorry, she hates me, it’s my fault. I guess you’d be safer without me,” He said.

“What?” Her big eyes starred up at him like a child, as she often did. “I’ve been away from for far to long, I’ve missed you,” He held her closely against his chest, stoking her hair.

The author's comments:
This is the first small piece of a novels i've been working on for a few years, it's over four hundred typed pages long, but I guarantee my characters are based on real situations teenagers face.

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