nagthan cooper

January 14, 2011
Nathan Cooper ran out into the streets of New York on this cold day in November. It is raining and he has nowhere to go, he searches for a place to stay yet his efforts remain futile as he is rejected at every door. How did I get here he pondered as he takes a seat on the cold and gloomy street, “My life is unfair, I hate it and everything in it!”. He yelled so loud that the people passing Nathan by stopped and gazed at him in sheer confusion and curiosity, but they did not care for Nathan so they pass by and continue on with their lives.

Nathans life is one of tragedy and misfortune. Nathan is one of the most hardworking and put together people in this world. During his upbringing he had received excellent grades and attended school everyday. He had also managed to land a decent job and was bringing home more money than anyone else he knew besides his parents. Nathan seemingly had it all figured out at a young age and was fortunate enough to have a good head on his shoulders. Nathan lived in Washington as a young boy along with his happily married mother and father. He enjoyed spending time with them more than anything and they meant the absolute world to him, however Nathan’s life is not perfect, in fact everything changed and spiraled downward after one tragic day. His father had passed away a few days after his fourteenth birthday and both him and his mother took it very hard. They had moved to New York shortly after the funeral to live with his mother’s sister. Things started to be even worse over the course of the next four years; his mother became an alcoholic and constantly took out her aggression and pain on Nathan without realizing it. Nathan could not take it any longer, seeing his mother become an unemployed drunk hurt his heart too much. Nathan decided to run away from his mother on his eighteenth birthday and look for a chance to start over somehow.
Nathan lifts up his head and looks around the dark street while shivering from the freezing rain soaking his body. He notices a man walking up to him and offering him his hand, puzzled Nathan takes his hand and the man says “Boy you sure must be cold, here take my jacket” the man gave Nathan his jacket and Nathan happily put it on and questions “Why did you offer me your jacket? Why are you even speaking to me right now?” the man looks at Nathan with a sly smile and says, “Because I have a good feeling about you kid, you seem like the type of person that should be working in an office rather than sitting here freezing to death on some street. Nathan smiled begins to follow the man toward his car, the man says “ You know kid I could use someone like you in my company, I have been told you’d make an excellent addition”. Nathan looked puzzled and says, “Who told you that?” to which the man replies “Your father” Nathan is in sheer shock as he enters the car and the two begin driving down the street. Nathan will later find out that the man who he just encountered is his father’s brother.

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