Death Of A Boy

January 14, 2011
By Flash2444 BRONZE, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Flash2444 BRONZE, Saint Paul, Minnesota
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Difference Is Beauty
- Cameron Ljungkull

“The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.”

Death what an inviting thought … The exhilaration of standing on the edge of a cliff was fantastic, a medley of fear and excitement all piled together into one mysterious emotion that must be independence, for it was some thing he had never felt before but god knew he felt it now … he stood weary and tired on the brink of the ultimate decision … life or death, as he stood mounted, facing the beginning of the end of his life he contemplated all the possibilities of all the things he wished he’d have done, all the things that he’d dreamt to do that would never come true, for it was to late to turn back now, there was nothing left for him back home except white walled rooms and plastic cutlery “that’s what people like me get” he thought to him self… he took in a deep breath of misplaced courage and stepped off the edge of his sanity as he fell he felt his heart stop as the air whipped his face and fear griped his body… then … nothing at first death was just how Father had described it to him white and warm … but then… the pain hit, it was excruciating every part of his body felt broken, he moved his eyes around the room for his neck was to stiff, and out of the corners of his vision he saw the IV, life support and the numerous nameless machines he was attached to, probably keeping him breathing, he then realized he was condemned to a life of failure, he couldn’t even properly execute his own execution. After laying in a pool of his own misery he looked around able to move his neck again and saw his mother asleep in a chair in the corner of the room, and at the sight of this he wanted to get up and jump off some place higher, some place that would put an end to him, but then he had a sudden inability to move, he was so absorbed in a deep apathetic depression that he couldn’t force away… not that he particularly wanted to, at the moment he didn’t particularly want any thing other then to cease to exist. Vague undefined ideas ran through his mind one after the other not really focusing on any thing they were random and un-intelligible even to him self, so I won’t bother explaining them to you. The pain couldn’t even seize his attention… he just lay there staring across at the white walls with an unresolved animosity towards his mother and the rest of the universe… he lay there detached from the world until his body gave way to the unceasing pain and fell into a deep and ever lasting sleep.
Every life is worth living!
A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.

The author's comments:
I Wrote Story As A Flash Fiction Contest Entry But Never Entered It.

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