The End Of New Beginning

January 14, 2011
By wes93 BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
wes93 BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
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Maric is an average teen that likes computers but his special lab is at school. His mother hardly ever lets him out. Therefore he doesn’t get to work with his tech stuff a lot. The only reason his mom doesn’t let him do much is because he dropped out of high school. He thought he was too smart to waste his time at school. Ever since he has dropped out of school he has been sleeping a lot because his mom hardly lets him go out.
Our last few nights have been the hardest because I’ve been thinking that I'm to smart for school, which really pisses my mom off. We have gotten into so many arguments. As a matter of fact, we got into one just last night about the whole school issue. First I asked if I could run to the lab. And my mom shouted,
I asked “why not”
She replied “Cause you think that you’re a smart a** in school and you don’t need it”
“Well I am” I responded.

This took me by surprise because my mother has never been so mad or angry before, but she has gotten like this ever since she turned 50 and I dropped out. Girl stuff I thought to myself. As I walked back to my room, I hear a glass bottle clink in the fridge. So I ran back to the kitchen and said
“What the hell are you doing”?
“I’m having a beer just like any other adult over 21” she said
“The hell you are, you know you not suppose to drink when your stressed, it will make you fall over again just like last time” I responded.
“ Sweetie a-a-a-a I-I-I-I-I I’ll ba-ba-ba-ba be fa-fa-fa-fa fine” she said slurring her speech. I turned around and looked and I saw seven bottles empty lying in the sink.
“Hey, you shouldn’t judge me, you little rat faced ma-ma-ma moron”, she said “Mom your way to drunk and if I'm a moron I wouldn’t of dropped out of school”, I said with a grin on my face
“Don’t ga-ga-ga get smart with me.”
“Mom your getting more wasted by the second” I said as my mom gave me a dirty look.

As I return to my room I hear a huge bang. I quickly run out to the kitchen and find my mother has dropped to the floor. She is not responding, so I call 911.
“Hello this is Morang County Police Department what is your emergency?”
“My mom is really drunk and has fallen to the floor and she won’t respond” “Ok sir what is your name”
“Maric Johnson”
“Ok Maric I have sent help but while we wait for them to get there can you find a pulse”
“Maric just calm down help is on the way can you jus—“
“Ok has help arrived yet”?
“ I don’t know I'm to busy looking at my mom, shouldn’t you know”
“Ok they are down the street, every thing is going to be ok Maric”
“ You don’t know that”
“ Ok help is at the door can you unlock it for them”
“No tell them to kick it down cause I'm not leaving my mom”
“Ok sir”
“Bye Maric”.

The paramedics race in as they bulldoze my front door down. They came running in with a stretcher board and lifted her up and they called back
“Lets go son, you can ride with us”.
I run with them and they start to perform many different things on my mom and all I can do is cry and think I wish I didn’t fight with her. As we race through all of the stoplights, we finally arrive at the ER. They told me to wait in the waiting room. So I wait for about an hour. I had fallen asleep. The doctor wakes me up and says

“I'm so sorry Maric but your mom didn’t make it”
“No no no no no no no I have to see her no she cant be”
I lash out and throw the chair a crossed the room. The doctor leads me to the room and all I do is whisper in my mom’s ear.
“I’m sorry mom for arguing, I love you”.

Why am I on the floor I ask myself? As I stand up I rush to my mom’s room to make sure she is fine, also to make sure that none of my dream; more like a nightmare ever happened. As I run to her room she looks at me and says
“Sweetie are you alright you look like you have been running for 10 miles, Why are you so sweaty?”
“Oh um ya um I don’t know ya well um ok I see that your ok so I'm going to go downstairs now”
“Ok? Of course I'm ok, why would I not be ok? Did you have a one of those crazy nightmares again?”
“Um I'm not sure anymore”.

I walk downstairs to get something to eat and to my dismay I see a bunch of bottles on the table and I notice I'm wearing a hospital wristband. This really gets me scared and is making me think that this really happened. Maybe this wasn’t a nightmare…
“MOM wa-wa wa— why are there so many bottles and why do I have a hospital wristband on and um wait are you ok did you fall I'm sorry mom for arguing with you”
“what sweetie no I'm fine this wristband is not for me? Remember we had a new years party last night and your uncle was leaving and fell off the porch, so we took him to the hospital, are you all right? and don’t you remember this? Well I guess you don’t cause you did fall asleep but I carried you to the car to go to the hospital”.

Oh well now I feel stupid I say in my head.
“Oh ok mom well a ya I’m fine ha-ha um ya”.

So I sit down and as I’m drinking my orange juice, I’m also filling out the paper work to be enrolled in Morang County School District.

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