The Incredible Kyle

January 12, 2011
As Kyle flew into the auditorium, he knew it was going to be an eventful day. While flying over the rows of eighth graders, he passed over two friendly-looking people; one with red hair and the other with dark brown. Kyle knew much better than to interfere with people so he decided it was best to just go sit on the stage.

Eventually Kyle grew tired of sitting alone and flew over to the two people. While listening to their conversation, he learned that the one with red hair was called, Asriela , and the other was Hannah. After a while, he became more comfortable with them and found himself sitting right in between them.

Hannah was the first to notice Kyle and nudged Asriela to tell her he was there. They thought it was funny how he seemed to be listening to them. So, after about ten minutes, Hannah decided to try and talk to Kyle, as if he were to answer her.

“Hello there little fly!” said Hannah.

“He isn’t going to talk to you, he’s only a fly!” Asriela said.

“I’m going to try to. What’s your name little fly?” asked Hannah

“Buzzz!” announced Kyle.

“See, I told you! Flies are flies, and they don’t speak English!” Asriela said.

“We should give him a name! What about, Bob?” asked Hannah.

“No, he needs something more formal.”

“Okay, how about Kyle!”

“That sounds nice, he should have a middle name too!”

Once the assembly was over they had come up with the longest name both of them had ever heard, Sir Kyle Matthew James Tanner IV. He thought it was hilarious that they actually came up with his own first name, but the rest of it was completely ridiculous. Kyle was really beginning to like them, but he knew much better than to get close to them. His uncle, Henry, was viciously killed by a fly swatter in the summer of ’08.

Can Kyle trust his new friends, or will he end up under a fly swatter?

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