Navy Seal

January 12, 2011
“Rise and shine ladies we have a full day a head of us!” there was a trumpet blaring in the background. “Gee what a wake up call” I said to my Bunkie. “Yep you better get used to it it’s like this everyday” said my Bunkie. So there I was apart of the Navy Seals the elite force of the Navy.
I had mixed emotions at first but as we progressed I felt apart more apart of my squad. Three weeks had gone by before I got a letter from any of my friends or family. When I finally got a letter it was as refreshing as a splash of cool water. It was from my parents they asked me why I wanted to leave my construction job to join the military. My mom (as always) was worried about me. She asked if I had fresh socks and underwear you know the whole mother routine. Towards the end of the letter they asked me if I knew anything about a man named Foley. They closed the letter with telling me to write back and tell me anything I knew about this Foley character.
In the next eight to twelve weeks I was changed from a carpenter to a Seal. The day everyone waited for has arrived graduation day. Out of about eighty of us only twenty six of us made it. Our first assignment was a five week training camp on the eastern shore. The area was owned by a civilian who lived out there he lets the Seals use it time to time.
The day we left for Virginia I was pretty excited. I lived all the way in Oakland, California it was a nice way to see the east coast. The clock read 4 A.M. “what an ungodly time to wake up” I said to my Bunkie. “Yeah I’m used to it I used to work on my grandparents farm” said my Bunkie. “Man I can’t imagine waking up at that early, oh I didn’t catch your name” I said. “Jabar he said but everyone calls me J-bar.”
We spent a total of three days getting down there it boy did it feel good. As we pulled up to the training facility we saw all of the Special Forces teams. They looked so high-tech with there secret weapons and all. Wow it was an honor to be part of the Special Forces it’s really an honor. After we got off of the boat we were given our M4A1 assault rifles. Our day was just beginning and boy was it going to be a long one.

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