Life itself

January 8, 2011
When you ask someone how they are or if everything is okay do they really answer truly. Say you ask someone how is everything and they say it's okay but is that really how it is. If someone says I don't care do they really mean it. Say someone in their life was just leaving for no reason and they said I don't care. Do they really mean it. Even when someone says everything is fine you know behind that it just might not be. Say you had the worst day ever and a friend seen how sad you were and you told them you were fine. When you said you were fine did you lie or tell the truth. Sometimes in lie you have to lie to yourself just to make it all better, but is it really better. Behind every I don't care there is always a little emotion and behind every it's okay or it's fine there is always a little pain. We tell lies to the people we love so we don't bring them down with us, but sometimes we should just tell them so we can have someone by our side. So next time you go to say I don't care, It's okay, or It's fine make sure you say what you really need to say so you loved ones can be there for you.

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