Punk never dies ( Chapter 2)

January 13, 2011
By iluvmcr2010 SILVER, Kingston, New York
iluvmcr2010 SILVER, Kingston, New York
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Tomorrow at school is going to be hell, seeing as though I have no girlfriend to show off to my friends. I am a big fan of those preppy cheerleaders you all love to hate. Loving the way their bodies are shaped and the way they would do anything for me. I personally don't think of myself as being cocky but many people say I am. Its pretty late at night , so I am thinking I might go to bed now. I take off my day clothes and put on my Green Hornet pj bottoms and try to fall asleep. This is NOT working, at all. So I pop a few sleeping pills and fall fast asleep. Thank God for meds, at least that's something to be thankful for.

I wake up in the morning and get ready for school. Today I'm waring my Bad Brains tee and my studded leather jacket that's really not real leather. I will have to deal with the fakeness until I start my own band and make it big in the Punk scene. Speaking of, the band tryouts are after school. I totally forgot! Glad I grabbed my guitar before I left.

I walk into third period when Starr bumped me by accident.

'Oh sorry, I didn't mean to bump in to you' Starr said frantically, picking up the drawings she dropped.

' Its fine don't worry too much, its bad for the soul' I said trying to make her feel better.

'I don't have a soul' she said laughing.
She has a really pretty smile, and beautiful eyes. Not to mention she's also waring a Bad Brains tank top. Hot chick who likes punk? Huh, I think I might ask her out. I look around and see she has already left. Ugg, I wish I could of gotten this over and done with.
Paying attention in class was very hard. Usually I'm really good at school and such but I had Starr on my mind. Never before had I thought so much about a girl, thinking that what if she says no when I ask her out, or what if she doesn't like me. I don't feel love towards her that's just crazy.

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