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January 11, 2011
By Jenna2011 GOLD, Lafayette, Indiana
Jenna2011 GOLD, Lafayette, Indiana
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The day she has been planning for has finally arrived. She anticipated, stressed over, counted down till, and saved up for this day. The girls have all been called and now it is time to prepare to leave. On this sunny August day, the girls are going to invade the mall to hit the end of season sales. This is the day the girls are going shopping.

I know that her departure is less than an hour away when she hurriedly runs into the room and flings open her closet doors. Hangers start flying and outfits are carefully considered in front of the mirror before being tossed aside. She finally settles on an outfit consisting of: black skinny jeans, a purple sleeveless V-neck, purple and black polka dotted flip-flops and of course the matching accessories. She lays it neatly on her bed and then quickly vanishes into the bathroom to prepare her face and hair for public viewing.

After what seems like hours, but was probably only a couple of minutes, she emerges from the bathroom to get dressed in the selected outfit. She makes multiple adjustments to the shirt to make sure it is on just right and then comes over and picks me up. I knew when her color choice was purple that this would be my day out of the house. I can feel her carelessly tossing her cell phone, lip gloss, wallet, and a few other necessities into my many pockets and then zip me up.

With me on her shoulder we are down the stairs. A quick “goodbye” to Mom and Dad and out the door we go. As soon as we enter the car I am haphazardly thrown on the backseat and the car is started. She puts the car into drive and off we go for a day of adventure. First stop, pick up the friends.

When you pile three terribly talkative teenage girls and their cell phones into one car it can get pretty loud. With the rambunctious ring tones and the constant chatter of what has happened in the three hours since they were on a conference call while getting ready the car ride feels like it is over before it has started.

Finding a parking place was looking to be a difficult task. We had given up hope. Then we came up behind the blue mustang belonging to the guy the girls could not stop gushing about on the drive here. As soon as he sees who is driving our car, he quickly backs out and lets us have his space. This starts another long gush fest over how nice he was and how he was “totally flirting.” With me and the other purses flung on their shoulders the girls are off to hunt down the best deals.

If the mall were an ocean than these teenage girls would be the piranhas. The way they attack the sale racks and try on everything in sight is outstanding. I have never seen one girl try on so many outfits in such a short time yet these girls can somehow do it without effort. Three hours and a dozen shopping bags later, I have finally been sat down on the disgusting floor of some teenage hang-out restaurant.

From what I have heard, this is the best place to eat lunch if you are on a weekend babysitter’s budget and you are trying to boy watch. I can smell the mixed aroma of curly fries with cheese, a classic cheeseburger, a side salad, a clubhouse sandwich, and coleslaw. I make the assumption that they are washing it all down with the usual strawberry milkshake. After feeling some hit my side I learn that I am correct. Grabbing a wet napkin, she cleans me off. I look as good as new.

After lunch, the day is nearly over. The girls make the final rounds and I am officially emptied of all money and gift cards. I also believe the debit card I am carrying has been taken out and replaced several times. I feel her cell phone start vibrating and playing some random Taylor Swift song about a boy who does not notice the girl he is supposed to be with. Funny thing, this song started playing right as Chip, the guy who secretly likes my owner, walks by. But that is a story for a later time.

The phone call was her mother telling her dinner would be ready soon. We are off, on our way to drop off the other two girls and all of their bags. Before saying goodbye, the girls discuss which outfits they are all wearing next Monday on the first day of senior year. They bought so many I am not sure I would be able to choose, but then again I am a purse so what would I know? I do know though, that come November, when they decide to go hit the day after Thanksgiving sales, I hope she chooses another purple outfit so that I may go along again.

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