What Ever Happened To Forever?

January 11, 2011
By SB248 SILVER, Dexter, Michigan
SB248 SILVER, Dexter, Michigan
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Life shouldn’t be so hard, you are born, you live a good long life, and
then you die. Simple as that. Not for me. I am a vampire.

I have lived through only seventeen years of my never ending life but I have everything. I live in a huge mansion on the outskirts of Wiltshire, Britain with my godfather Tobias, I have a wonderful and loving boyfriend named Draco with whom I also have a beautiful daughter named December, and everyone wants to know and be me. I am the height of cool at my school, which goes by the name of BlueGrass High School and have managed to keep up an A grade average in all my classes. I have more clothes than most stores and a huge yard complete with a horse barn and paddock.  I am living the life most girls can only achieve in their dreams and yet I would trade anything for mortality, anything to be normal.
Of course no one knows I’m a vampire except my parents and godfather. I’m just another pretty face in the crowd. Everyone says that I am more beautiful than all the girls in school combined but really am I anymore real than the Hollywood plastics? Every feature of me was made more beautiful when I became immortal.
My parents gave me to my godfather when I was five so that they could go work on some big health movement in Brazil. I don’t mind though, I still see them sometimes and my godfather is more like a best friend than a parent.
I was taken abruptly out of this …. when I heard a sharp rap on my bedroom door. The door swung open making the clothes draped over the back ripple. A girl with waist length blond hair, piercingly blue eyes,a beautifully tanned complexion, and ruby red lip gloss on. Today she wore a denim mini skirt with high heeled black boots and black tank top.
“Hey Cece,” I said. I was positively dying of happiness at seeing my best friend. She was in her usual clothing style and also as usual looked as though she had just stepped off a runway in Paris. I felt a pang of jealousy as I looked at her but it had gone as quickly as it had come. It was replaced by excitement knowing we were going to the spa.
“Hey Farrah,” She said smiling. Her teeth were as white as snow. “Shiloh is in the car waiting with Ally and Pansy.” Good, the whole group was here. We were the school clique, the people to be. “We had better hurry, on the way here Ally and Pansy turned on Shiloh about her outfit.” Cece said sounding annoyed.
“Alright. Hey can we stop for coffee on the way, I’m drained.”
She looked me up and down for a minute then replied rather awkwardly “Yeah, um okay. So did you finish the History Essay?”
“No, Ember kept screaming so I gave up and hung with her for a while.” I felt a guilty twinge and knew that I should be working on my essay right now. But we had been planning this spa trip for weeks and I was not going to miss it for anything.
I slipped into my blue Dior dress and pulled my silver  stilettos  out of the bottom of my closet. After I finished dressing I stood up and asked Cece “How do I look?”
“Never better.” She giggled.
We had a spring in our step as we headed downstairs. I went to the high chair where Ember was sitting and bent over to peck her swiftly on the cheek. “Bye baby, I’ll see you in the morning.”
“Are you going somewhere?” Asked Tobias looking confused
“Yeah me and the girls are going to the spa.” I replied feeling as confused as he looked.
“Farrah you may not go out again, spend some time with your daughter you have been out every night this week.”
“But dad that’s not fair we have been planning this forever!” I wailed.
“Life’s not fair. Now I think Cece should go do as she likes and you need to take Ember up to bed. Now.” Under his unusually stern gaze I wished Cece a good night and as the front door snapped shut behind her I bent down to pick up Ember. She wrapped her arms around my neck, set her head against my shoulder, and instantly fell into a deep sleep. I trudged up the stairs and into her room. I changed her into her Pajamas and put her in her crib, gently tucking her into the covers as I did so.
I turned on her night light and closed her door. Walking down the grand white marble hall toward my room I started to think about the essay I was supposed to write, it was due tomorrow. I pulled open my door and walked straight over to my desk. I sat down in front of my laptop and began what would undoubtaly be a very long night.
The next morning I woke up around seven o’clock and headed down for breakfast. Tobias was humming tunelessly while he stood over the stove making omelets. “Morning dad.” I greeted him as he looked around.
“Morning sweetheart. Would you like an omelet?” He asked.
“Sure.” I said as I started to get Ember’s breakfast ready.
Once I had eaten my omelet and finished fixing Ember’s Cheerios and bananas I headed upstairs to get Ember.  She woke up easily and I dressed her carefully before heading downstairs with her. I put her in her high chair and after making sure Tobias would look after her I went back upstairs to get dressed and do my make up and hair.
By the time I returned back downstairs all ready with my designer pink plaid school bag, Draco had already arrived and Tobias had left for work.
Draco had dirty blond hair and blue eyes like little pools of clear blue water. He had taken December out of her high chair and they were lying on the floor together reading a Winnie The Pooh book. “Hey.” I said bending down swiftly to kiss him.
“You look beautiful.” He said looking me up and down. “Are you ready to get going?”
“Yeah let’s go.”
We headed out the front door and onto the handsome marble front porch. I closed the large ebony doors behind me and reached into my bag to pull them out the key. I placed the key in the lock and turned it, it gave a satisfying click and i replaced the key in my bag and headed out to Draco’s car where he was buckling Ember into her car seat. I pulled open the passenger door and climbed in. It wasn’t long and Draco climbed in the driver’s side. We made the drive to Ember’s day care and dropped her off before we headed to school. It didn’t take long and I was walking along the granite corridors of our high school. When I arrived in History we handed in our papers and Mr. Barnes started his lecture on the presidency of George Washington.
When I got out of History class and into the hallway a group of girls came bouncing toward me. At the front was Cece who was wearing black jeans, a blue Carrie Underwood T- shirt and black wedge heels, right behind her was Shiloh who was wearing a tight pink dress and stilettos with her long brown hair pulled into an elegant twist on top of her head. I had no idea who the other girls were, but they were probably just some of usual girls trying to get a reputation by hanging around with us. They were like leeches trying to steal a little popularity from us but whatever, we had enough to share. We walked down the hall and when Cece, Shiloh and I finally managed to break away from the group we were already at my locker. I was pulling my bag out when I heard Shiloh giggle and Cece gave and obvious little cough, I turned around and Draco’s face was inches from mine. He kissed me gently and then grabbed my hand. I said goodbye to my friends and strolled out arm in arm with Draco toward his car.
Draco and I went to dinner later that night at a fancy restraunt. Draco excused himself to go to the bathroom and I was fiddling in my purse for lip gloss when I heard someone sit down across from me. I looked up and an old woman no younger than seventy asked me in a high clear voice, “I can give you what you seek. You want nothing more than to be mortal and I can give it to you but at a price. In return you will have to start you life completely over, new friend, parents, and everything.” And then I started to think is this something really worth giving?

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