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January 11, 2011
By erikae GOLD, Brookfield, Wisconsin
erikae GOLD, Brookfield, Wisconsin
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Last time I was saying that you don’t seem to really try. Did you somehow know I said that? Because in the last couple weeks you’ve proved me wrong. We hung out at your hockey game, and you met my best friend… for the second time… Sorry I know she’s scary, but she means well. I swear. And I’m still sorry about your bumper, and that the woman in Walgreens got mad at you. But the second part is funny…

So were talking again, and you seriously are there for me more now than when you said you liked me. Strange… It’s been about a year since the last talk. Since you told me there was someone better. Well like I said last time, yeah I may have found that someone. But in that year I also found 3 guys who weren’t him, made a friend in North Dakota, and possibly clicked with a guy on retreat. I think you know about 2 of the guys who weren’t right. You know about North Dakota kid, and you might vaguely know about the guy from retreat.

I’m so happy were friends again. It’s almost like what happened on my birthday was made up. But then again, it could just be different because I don’t like you. I like T.

T has been acting weird. Anytime I ask him what’s going on he tells me he won’t tell me that and if I keep asking he won’t talk to me at all. I don’t believe that at all. That kid gets too jealous to leave me. Anyways, what could be so bad that he wouldn’t tell me about it? And you say you haven’t noticed. I don’t know if that’s serious of you just being a loyal friend. Then again, I can always tell when T is lying or something’s wrong, so maybe you really haven’t noticed. Well the next thing I did was not my best move. I told him I clicked with that guy on retreat. Let’s call him S. So I tell T about S and he freezes and goes “wait, how did you guys click?” So I tell him that S comforted me while I was sobbing. Next thing I know is T is going on the optional junior retreat. T has not gone on a single retreat, the past two are in theory required, but now suddenly he’s giving up a half day off for retreat? Hm… this child is mighty strange. Is that why you get along? You both are silly and funny.

I don’t know why he would freak that I clicked with another guy. He has a girlfriend. Unless he knows what everyone else seems to see, that him and I are basically together as is. I feel full of it saying that. But its what people think when two people are constantly together, always laughing and smiling. I forgot to tell you. Going by assigned seats, he doesn’t sit by me in the only class we have together anymore. The teacher, who already told us he thought we had been friends for years, asked him if he was heartbroken that we aren’t next to each other. Also, T now sits next to me, without the teacher batting an eye. Does he see something we don’t?

So K, I think this is my first time calling you that, I don’t know why I’m writing to you but instead gushing about T. I’m sorry about that one. Ok I do know why. It’s just about a year since I met T, and it’s all your fault. You were even the one who indirectly gave me his number. Given at that time I never had given him a second thought or said more than 5 words to the kid. I guess what they say is true. Everything happens for a reason. Well K, if you ever need give me a call. Or if you don’t need to and just call to chat, that’s cool too.

See you around

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