My gratitudes

January 10, 2011
By amina irshat BRONZE, Minneapolis, Minnesota
amina irshat BRONZE, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Everyone has something or someone that they are grateful for. I personally have a lot of things I am grateful for.

I am grateful for the senses that God has bestowed on me especially my sight because it’s very important. I remember a few days ago, I was in the bus ride home and I saw this blind man with a cane on his hand trying to cross the street, he had no one guiding him, and the bus driver stopped to let him cross, I wondered how he could see where he was going, and what if he walked into the street and got hit by a car? I guess he was used to it. People complain everyday about wearing glasses, and not able to see very well, but some of us can’t see anything. They can’t see their loved ones; they can’t see Mother Nature and all the wonderful things in life. We are never grateful of what we have. We should take each moment to appreciate what we have because some of us are lacking what we have.

In addition to my sight, I am also grateful for the services that I enjoy at home like electricity because in some countries, electricity is non-existent. At night time when the children want to study, they have to use lamps. Sometimes the lamps turn off at night and they have to stop their studying. Some countries have electricity but it’s not on all the time. They have a lot of blackouts that interrupts the kid’s studying at night or even while someone is in the bathroom. I am happy to live in a country where the electricity is on twenty-four-seven and not have to study with a lamp; not that studying with a lamp is bad, I prefer light better.

I am grateful for the freedom of religion that I enjoy in this country. Religion to me is an important element in my life. It gives me the guidance I need, the comfort I need during difficult times and most importantly, it brings me closer to the Almighty Creator and directs me to the right path. Around the world, many people are prosecuted for the religion they belong to or the God they believe but in this country I can proudly embrace my religion openly without any criticism from any one. And sure enough I am grateful for that. I thank Allah for giving me the choice to serve and obey him and I hope to go to heaven one day.

I am grateful for my family because they are the most important people in my life. My family makes me laugh; sometimes they drive me crazy, especially my little brother because he annoys me a whole lot. I might be watching my favorite show and he will yell at my ears like there is no tomorrow. My older brothers take me places when I need to go somewhere like the mall or even the library. My parents are the coolest parents in the world. They provide for me everything I need. I am the only girl, so they favor me more than the boys. They are very caring and loving parents. My family makes me feel loved and I feel accepted. I am so elated t to the family I was born into and how we are all different in our own ways. We all have unique personalities and have unique ways into looking at things. Princess Diana once said, “Family is the most important thing in the world” and I couldn’t agree more. They are the ones you come home to when you had a bad day. I am thankful to have them in my life.

I am grateful that I have food to eat. I am happy to wake up in the morning and have breakfast to eat and happy to have lunch. In some countries, people are dying of starvation, and they are so malnourished. There are so skinny that you could see their bones. It makes you want to cry when you look at them. I am happy to have food to eat and be able to choose from a variety of foods and not have to eat the same food over and over again. You see photos of starving children on magazines like they are anorexic. It makes me really sad about how life is. Some people have food t that they waste it, while others don’t have anything. There is a quote that says “an empty belly hears nobody” I think this quote is saying that a hungry person cannot concentrate. Take a student at school for instance. Food is what gives us energy and what makes us feel alive.

I am grateful for the park by my house because I can go and play tennis. It’s my favorite sport and I am lucky that I live by a park and be able to play every chance I get. I really enjoy playing with my brother. We compete on who is the best and who is better than the other. I am a very competitive person so I like to win. Living by the park is good because some people have to walk to the park or they have to drive there. I just have to cross the street and I am there. There is no need for me to waste my energy by walking or wasting gas.

I am grateful for the word forgiveness because it teaches you to be forgiving and to let things go. You should always forgive and never hold something against someone. I remember a few months ago, someone broke the window of our car. We found it shattered into pieces. We didn’t complain or blame anyone for it. We jumped to conclusion by fixing it ourselves and forget about it. We forgave who ever broke it and had nothing against them. Sometimes it’s really hard to forgive someone, especially when the person you are trying to forgive killed a loved one or hurt you really bad. We must forgive because holding it in wouldn’t help you and the person is already suffering not only for the murder but trying to be forgiven for their sin. It’s always good to move on and think of the problem as water under a bridge. A guy named Robert Muller said “Forgiveness is the highest form of love, when you forgive; you receive untold peace and happiness. A person who forgives is less stressful than a person who does not. A person who forgives lives his/her life without regrets. Sometimes When I do something wrong I pray to god and ask for his forgiveness. He is the most merciful; the most high and always forgives people for their wrong doing. There is an old saying that said forgive and forget. So next time you are mad at someone just forgive and forget. It will make you a happy person with an open mind. You never feel unhappy but rather joyful and more at ease.

I am grateful for the kindness of strangers. I like it when I walk into a store and ask someone like one of the employees where an object is and they stop what they are doing and help me. I like it when I am walking in the street and someone I don’t know smiles at me or says hello to me. I see kindness happen on the city bus a lot, like when a pregnant lady walks into the bus and a young person give their spot to her. That’s a show of kindness and it shows you care about humanity. The little things we do can make a big difference like opening a door for a person or picking up something they dropped. When you do something nice for someone, it makes that person happy and you also feel happy that they are happy.

I am grateful for a good novel. Sometimes I get really bored and I don’t know what to do. I decide to grab a book sitting in the shelves and start reading. I like to enter this whole new world and get away from everything else. When I read a novel, I learn a lot and sometimes try to relate the book to my life. I like to find similarities between me and the characters. I am grateful that they have books so I can start reading when I am bored or when I want to get away from things. It’s a great way to explore a new world inside a book.

I am grateful for all the safe drivers out there because it makes me feel that I am safe when driving in a car. When you have people who care about their safety and other’s safety, it makes me very happy. Some people are unsafe behind the wheel. They get distracted by texting, talking on the phone or sometimes they are intoxicated which could kill them or others drivers. Safety is the number one thing behind the wheel. I hear teenagers dying behind the wheel everyday because they are not safe behind the wheel. When you are safe behind the wheel, others are safe. When you are unsafe behind the wheel, others are more at risk of danger. I am thankful for all the safe de rivers out there in the world and I am really proud of them.

I am grateful for to have a healthy body. There are a lot of people in this world with illnesses and disabilities. I read an article one time about this man who couldn’t walk. He couldn’t move any part of his body which was really sad. He was always in a wheelchair and he wished he was able to walk and pray to god. He said that he wished he could worship Allah like everybody else and be able to wash for prayer and pray with others. I am grateful to have a healthy body and do my best to maintain it. I am jubilant to be able to pray with my two feet thanks to Allah.
I am grateful for the month of Ramadan because it teaches me to be patient. I wake up every morning during Ramadan and not eat till sun down. It helps me to know that there are people who don’t have food to eat and are fasting each day. It teaches me to eat less and follow the way of the prophet. Every day I fast, I get a little closer to god and I learn a lot about life.

I am grateful for the trees around me when I am outside because they help me breath. They provide air for me. I like how trees sway at night, it’s so peaceful, and it helps me sleep at night. Without trees, we would never be able to have oxygen. Without them, we wouldn’t be alive. I like how the leaves on a tree fall during autumn. I like the colorful leaves. I am grateful for trees because they give us the delicious fruits we eat like apples and oranges. Trees provide the paper

I am grateful for babies laugher. It’s contagious that it makes me laugh every time. I like to watch videos of babies laughing which makes me feel better. I watch America’s funniest video and see a lot of babies laughing which cracks me up. I laugh so hard that sometimes, I get tired. I just love babies and their laughter. They are just so cute and so delicate. They say laughter is the best medicine and it’s good for your brain. I am thankful for babies because they are the reason I laugh so hard most of the time.

I am grateful to have an education because some people don’t have the materials to be able to go to school or they don’t have the money. I am happy that I have a chance to go to school and have a bright future. I want to be someone with a great education. I want to make someone out myself and later provide for my parents like they did for me. Education is the key to a great future.

Indeed, I am very grateful to have great teachers who provide the best services a person can get: an education. They not only teach me but also help me with the questions and concerns I have. They sacrifice their time afterschool and help me with my homework. I am grateful for the services that they provide me because it helps me become the person that I want to be.

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