Love The Way You Lie </3

January 10, 2011
By LolaLevinne BRONZE, Strasburg, Virginia
LolaLevinne BRONZE, Strasburg, Virginia
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“Please! Michael, stop!” Marie screamed as he put his hand through the wall in the bedroom. “Come on, calm down. Please!” He grabbed her petite wrist and pushed her against the wall. She cried out in pain as her back made a loud thump against it. “I can’t believe you would do that to me!” he screamed. “You’ll learn eventually, b****.” He had a sly look on his face and smirked. “You’ll learn.” He gave her a hard blow to the stomach and she gasped for air. She slowly slid onto the ground, hoping the pain would stop. He had no sympathy for her though. He took his foot and kicked her limp body on the floor. He finally took a look at her; Her long hair was a brown mess around her face and the tears poured out like there was a storm in her eyes. Her small figure was all beat up, and her leg was bruised from her “fall” last night. “You don’t understand,” she cried, still trying to fully catch her breath. He turned his head to meet her eyes. The glare he gave her sent chills down her spine. She was scared, but knew that it would all be over soon. Though he did this to her all the time, she wondered what would come next. That’s something Marie never understood about Michael. When she first met him, she never saw that side of him, the jealous side that brought him to do this to her. Day after day, he left bruises in her heart, not even caring about what the hell he was doing to her. The way he said “I love you” came to her. She held onto that with all of her might and hoped that he would soon realize that he was making a mistake. It always ends the same; he explains that he didn’t know what came over him and that he’s sorry. One “I love you, baby” and then everything’s back to normal. But were things ever normal? He pulled his already red hand back and let it fly against her face. The rage came back into his eyes. One hit, then another, and then another. Blood rushed down from her sore nose and onto the floor. Drop. And then he couldn’t stop. The beating came faster and harder, and all she could do was lay there and take it. She stood no chance against him. She could barely open her swollen eyes, still blurry from the tears. He grabbed her by her hair and jerked her up to meet his lips with hers. He muffled her cries with his hand and heaved her almost entirely motionless body onto the bed. He screamed frustratingly, then beat her a few more times, hoping that would help to shut her up. She grasped her legs and brought them to her chest, curling up with even more pain. Would this ever end? She felt two hot hands roam by her shoulders, as if they were hesitating. All of a sudden, they constricted around her neck, getting tighter and tighter by each passing moment. The torn up room was spinning, her head was pounding, and it felt as if her breath was slowly being taken out of her. The room went completely black. Her body laid there motionless, lifeless.

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