The story of a life time

January 12, 2011
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Hi my name is Tom Jones. I am an escaped convict. I now it sounds bad but I was framed and the police had no proof. Today I meet Cal Zone, a local wall mart owner. He’s pretty important but he knows something.
“Come in Mr. Jones. Yes I herd you let your self out early” said Zone.

“Well I got tired of that crap hole. I know you know something and I want to know it.”

“Well I don’t know what happened tom but I know a guy who does.” He says in a confused but sure voice.

“Who?” I ask almost yelling at the man

“Well he’s an associate of mine and I want him in one piece. Ya got that?”
“Yeah. I got it.”

“His name is John Williams. He helps run the stores around here and baby sits for me and my wife. He lives on the west side of town.”

“What does he know?”

“He can tell you who did this to you Tom.”
“Where can I find this guy?”

“He comes in tomorrow at 5 you can see him then”

Once again I have to find someone.
So the next morning is like no other I woke up and what not. So I head to wall mart and find the guy I’m looking for alone is the stock room.
“Hello John”

“Whose there? Show your face.”

“The names Tom.”

Wait Jones you escaped from jail.”

“Yeah and I need to know who framed me.”
“Listen I know who did but it’ll cost you.”
He’s trying to hassle me for info that doesn’t even mater to him? Well I pull my knife out and flip it open, put the guy in a head lock and put it to his throat.
“You sure about that.”

“Ok, ok it’s free!!”

“Who was it?”
“Pauli, Pauli freshmen.”
So I let go and throw him to the ground. I put my knife away and ask one more question” where can I find this Pauli?”
“He runs under ground fights on Tuesdays. The car wash on 81st and 2nd.
“You better not be ling to me “

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