Stormy Waters

January 11, 2011
By Nino Dickersin BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Nino Dickersin BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Barry was happily skipping through the backyard of his house, chasing a butterfly. The butterfly zigzagged and twirled and performed loop-de-loops all to no avail. Barry's net came swooshing down and the butterfly was imprisoned in a mesh of string. Barry lightly gripped the butterfly's wing and removed the majestic insect from the net. He then studied it in wonder for a few seconds before letting it go. He watched in awe as the butterfly flew away. A voice called out, "Barry, come back inside, the weather man said it's going to rain." "Coming, Mom!" Barry replied, running into his house just as the first raindrops started to fall.

Barry was busy building a puzzle, and watching Spongebob in his attic. He finished the puzzle and leaned back to watch Spongebob slip on a banana peel. Barry started rolling on the floor, laughing at the crazy adventures of his television buddies. Barry watched the rest of the episode and then turned off the TV to listen to the pitter-patter of the raindrops hitting the roof. The calming sound slowly put Barry to sleep.

Barry woke up to the sound of thunder and a torrent of rain hitting the roof. Water was leaking through cracks and the floor was covered with puddles. Barry ran downstairs to tell his family about the incident but they were nowhere to be seen. The flat-screen TV in the living room was turned on to the weather channel and the weather man kept saying something about a "hurricane" but Barry had no idea what THAT was. Barry headed down to the basement, where his room was, and tried to fall asleep but found he couldn't, he was all alone and very scared. Barry cried himself to sleep.

The next day, Barry was awoken by the sound of rushing water. He opened his eyes and saw that water was pouring down the basement stairs and filling up the basement. Barry frantically tried to walk up the stairs. After many unsuccessful falls and quite a few bruises, Barry managed to climb up the stairs and found his house and all the ones surrounding it completely demolished. A massive hurricane had swept through his town and destroyed everything, leaving a few planks of wood, Barry's basement roof, and a lot of water. Barry gazed around his destroyed house and realized what a hurricane was. It was destruction.

Barry stumbled through the broken wooden planks of his ruined house, trying to find the boat. The locked cabinet full of Barry's food had fallen into the water and drifted off toward the Fuller's place. Of course, now it was just a pile of rubble, and the Fuller's weren't even there anymore, but Barry still thought of it as the Fuller's place. Barry eventually found the cabinet in the old closet. He also found a loaded revolver which he placed in his pocket. You never knew when you might need these things. Barry paddled back to his house, sat down on his makeshift bed, and proceeded to nibble at a sandwich.

Barry watched as the strange man paddled slowly toward his house, the man got out of his boat and stood on a pile of bricks. He had very short, very dark hair, and a bald spot in the center of his head, shining like a second sun. The man had a bright white undershirt, navy blue pants, and a light brown face with a dark thick mustache. The man had a deep thick voice. "Hey kid, will ya give me some food? I haven't had any for four days." "What about that food in your pocket?" Barry asked. The man started to frown. "Look kid, just gimme the food an’ no one gets hurt." "No." came the reply. "Kid, give me your food." "No, now get out before I kill you." Barry pulled out the revolver and pointed it at the man. "Haha kid, real funny, now give me your food." Barry didn't budge. "Kid, put the gun down an give me your food NOW." Barry didn't move. The man grabbed the gun. POW!!! Blood spurted from the hole in the man's chest and he fell, letting go of the gun. Barry stood there, in shock. It started to rain.

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