January 7, 2011
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Can you think of one word that can bring a smile to any teenager’s face? That magical word is summer. Summer is an escape for three months before school starts back again. Anything is possible during summer. I’m at the prime age when girls experience cute summer romances. I never thought cupid would shoot me with his love arrow, but he shot me. This summer, I had an unexpected love affair.

I fell in love with the windy city of Chicago. Everything about Chicago is amazing. I wouldn’t change a single thins about it. But before I get into the juicy details of my love affair, I’ll tell you about about the event that led up to the incredible meeting. It all started in March. I was in Greensboro for the FCCLA State Competition. Mr. Pinkston had a way of pushing you to your limit because he knew it would make you produce the most incredible project you could. All the hard work in the classroom paid off. I won gold and qualified for Nationals. You guessed it! Nationals was held in Chicago, Illinois!

Chicago is the George Clooney of cities. The skyline is breath taking, absolutely gorgeous. The architecture can make anyone stop in their tracks and stare. You couldn’t help but notice the attention to detail the architects thought about when they designed their buildings. Unlike the buildings and hotels in Las Vegas, Chicago doesn’t tear down buildings after a few years. Chicago embraces the old and adds to the skyline. Like George Clooney, Chicago only gets better with age.

Chicago is like Taylor Lautner; young. This city surely is young at heart, there isn’t a bed time for the Chicagoans that live there. People are always on the go. Everywhere you went; there was something to see like the blur of yellow from the sea of taxis. The soundtrack of the city would have to be the honking of car horns and the ambulances that blasted their sirens as they sped down the streets at random hours of the night. You would think with the sirens going off it would be hard to sleep. Trust me; the first two nights were incredibly rough. I didn’t think I would get used to it but in time it became comforting. You could rest assured if something would happen in the middle of the night, a siren would be coming your way. Chicago is just like Taylor Lautner, young and never sleeping; always on the move.

Chicago is the Johnny Depp of cities. Johnny Depp is a jack of all trades; he has acted in many different roles in numerous movies. He’s so full of diversity like the city. There is so much going on in the city. It’s quite overwhelming just thinking about all the things you could do, see and eat. You can find every kind of food you could possibly want under the skyline. From sushi, Chicago deep dish, Mexican to Thai, American and BBQ it’s all somewhere within the city. Aside from all the numerous options you have to choose from when it comes to eating, there is so much to do. You honestly can’t be bored in this city. You can adventure down Michigan Avenue to find the most amazing shopping. Be cautious if you are a shopaholic, this could lead to your death. If you’re in the mood for a bird’s eye view of the skyline you can head down to Navy Pier and ride the ferris wheel. The ferris wheel was my personal favorite, who doesn’t love a ferris wheel? While walking towards the feeris wheel you can stop and get souvenirs for friends and family back home who unfortunately can’t experience the amazing city. When the weather is gorgeous you can spend the day lying out in the sand. Just like Johnny Depp, the city is so diverse; there’s always something to keep you entertained.

I could write Chicago a love letter that would make people tear up like a Nicholas Sparks’ book. Being gorgeous, young at heart and diverse are only a few of the many reasons I fell in love with the city. There is one reason I’ve left out. That reason would be Columbia College Chicago. After I already fell in love with the city, I went and toured the school and that was the icing on the cake. It’s the school of my dreams. Just like the city it lives in, the school is diverse, gorgeous and young at heart. There are thousands of people to meet, all with a different story to tell; but all united with the gorgeous skyline and a love for art. All the students that go to Columbia are young at heart; they’re all ready to further their lives with art by their sides. Going to this school next fall is the cherry on top. This is no longer a summer fling, it’s a life long commitment.

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