The Mist

December 23, 2010
By sammyxochaos SILVER, Central Falls, Rhode Island
sammyxochaos SILVER, Central Falls, Rhode Island
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Suns up. The air is so moist as if the acid rain had wiped away all the bodies that had popped up over night. But, it hadn't. Every one was dead. I got up and looked out the window. Smoke. Like a deep fog that covered my lonesome street. It made every car disappear into the mist. This mist is gonna take me away. Like a deep hole that only an ocean could have. I hate the mist. It's taken every person I loved. I couldn't breath now. My hearts gone. Every place I've evr been to was probably gone just like my street which I couldn't even recognize anymore. I couldn't even recognize me now. Looking into the cracked mirror image of me. A lonesome girl with dirt on her face and dried tears on my face. From last night. So many tears had come out.

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