Cask of Amontillado(Conti...)

January 6, 2011
I awake from what seems like a life times worth of sleep. The room was spinning and I couldn’t seem to get a grasp on reality; I was smashed. The air was filled with the intoxicating smell of Niter, and the draught of Medoc still lingered in my mouth. As I begin to move, the chains that bind me to the wall begin to clatter, introducing me back into my tangible situation. Montresor has left me for dead.
As I look around the room, my vision fades in and out with no remorse. The only form of light was from the torch that Montresor had left with me. I could sense it consuming all of the oxygen in the room. With an abrupt wrench of my arm, the chain’s anchor breaches through the surface of the robust wall. With a hasty step I dashed over to the torch and as much as I needed it for light; I extinguished it. Now I can free myself from these ungodly catacombs and annihilate that Montresor for the devious rat he is!
After gathering myself together, I walk over to the wall that I last saw a glimpse of luminosity from. Standing there for a few moments considering, I helplessly threw my corpulent self into the durable barrier. To my avail, I couldn’t have been asleep for long; because Montresor’s brilliant Masonry was still damp. I tumbled right through to the cold hard floor.
I had to resist the urge of lying there and going back to sleep. The Medoc was dreadfully pungent, I was leisurely sobering . The remainders of the Catacombs were completely dark and I had to pull from my sluggish memory to of what the dimensions were; I concluded that I should resort to walking along the edges of the wall. With a grunt, I stood.
For a while I felt. Then I felt around some more; was it hours? It seemed almost impossible to escape from these burials. After running my hands across cold surface after surface, I landed on something unfamiliar to the tombs, but familiar to my knowledge. It was a door.
To not disturb any creature that could give away the only survivor from Montresor’s clutch; I opened the door at a snail's pace. To my benefit there appeared to be no one around. I quickly, but slowly walked to the living room to exit the house; as to not disturb the bells that jingle on my cap. As I turn the corner, I see Montresor sitting in a lavish chair in front of a fire facing away from me.
I pause.
With a Wisk of his wine he holds in his hand, he says, “My dear Fortunado, it seems you have escaped the bowels of my catacomb.”
“You slithering snake!” said I; “You convince me that you had a pipe of Amontillado in your possession and got me intoxicated to lead me to my death!”
Montresor stands from his chair, throwing his glass to the fire, and merely says, “Well if I can’t kill you by simple means, we must have a battle to the death.”
Montresor reaches to besides his throne of a chair and pulls out two rapiers, throwing one swiftly over to me. In an instant we begin to duel. With several strikes from Montresor and numerous evades from I, it was apparent that Montresor was not prepared for our battle. He must have had too much wine, sitting there in the comfort of his home, with no worries.
By way of a swift swipe of my sword, I gashed Montresor across his chest and abdominal. I brought Montresor to his knees. Just as quick and effortless it was for him to entrap me; I have inflicted an eternal hell upon him. It wasn’t nearly the quickest death to be had, but did he deserve it? I thought it was almost unjust to let him die so quickly whereas he would of let me suffer from starvation or die from the encrustation of Niter in his catacombs.
Although it is hard to believe that this was all brought on by a cruel jester directed towards his family, it was true; it had happened. Now I am the murderer. While washing the remaining blood from my hands, it all seemed like a distant memory; soon to be forgotten. But what shall I do? Shall I flea the city? When I decided that I wouldn’t need to change costumes; so no one would suspect me of everything, I walked to the door.
With a gigantic explosion, the front door collapses, overwhelming me with shock. It seems that someone must of heard my plea for help, because several officials of the law came striding through Montresor’s home. There was nothing I could do except stand there astonishment, while I was being apprehended. In mere seconds I was detained.
It wasn’t difficult to see what had happened in this dwelling, someone was slain. With a quick glance from the officials at the scene, it was apparent that myself, and the remnants of the person on the floor had a dispute. Although there is no justification in putting to death someone by your own means, I was guilty of this misdeed no matter what I said or did. I figured I would save the embarrassment of myself and not speak of how Montresor lead me to my death.
As I am being lead away from the residence, there is no remorse of what I did on this very night, but regret for going about my actions so sloppily. It didn’t have to happen this way. No one emerges as a victor here. Montresor is dead, and I am surely to die in the penitentiary.



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