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January 5, 2011
By Chino_15 SILVER, Vista, California
Chino_15 SILVER, Vista, California
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Elijah looked up from his book to check his watch. She was fifteen minutes late and Elijah was starting to get uncomfortable with people staring at him, or maybe be he felt them starring at him. “She” was Chelsea, his best friend, who occasionally turned into Bree or Audrey, her alter personalities. He caught eye with a barista working behind the counter of Starbucks. He’d actually rather be at 3D coffee, which was less crowded, but Chelsea insisted on meeting at Starbucks. He turned away from the barista who was smiling at him. He wasn’t used to being looked at or “checked out” like Athena always said, but ever since he started working for Evergreen landscape, he’d developed some muscle and then BAM!, he was constantly being stared at from every possible angle. He checked his watch, deciding that if Chelsea didn’t show up in five minutes, he’d make a run for it to the park across the street. He was looking out the window to see if anyone was at the park or if it was empty when Chelsea plopped down the chair in front of him, or rather Bree did. “Sup” she said in a voice that was more deeper than Chelsea’s. Bree was wearing a leather jacket over a white tank top that made he black bra visible underneath, and black tight jeans with high heel boots. Her brown hair was lose and tousled by the wind, an indication that she had arrived on her motorcycle. It was Chelsea’s body alright, but Bree was the one walking around inside of it. “Hey Bree, where’s Chels?” He asked. Normally he’d be annoyed that Chelsea transitioned into Bree when they would make plans, but today he didn’t really care.

“She’s under major stress bro, so she decided to let me take over for a bit.” she replied. Elijah knew how these things went, Chelsea would start freaking out about the start of the new school year and so Bree would come out and have crazy wild fun that Chelsea would never have herself. Most of the time it would involve smoking something illegal and making out with random boys. Luckily Bree didn’t show up that often as to wreak enough havoc to get Chelsea into trouble, but being with Bree did have its benefits. Elijah closed his book and set in on the table while Bree applied another coat of lipstick. But by all means don’t let they crimson red lipstick fool you that Bree was just another easy s***. She was one of the toughest chicks you’ll ever meet and the only one who probably knew more about football than any of Elijah’s guy friends, which weren’t many.

“So, what are we up too today?” Bree asked putting away her lipstick in her pocket and slouching down her chair. A couple of older men were gawking at her from behind their laptops, but Bree would give them an stabbing stare and they would go back to writing their pretentious novels. Elijah looked out the window to the park again and decided against suggesting on going down there and hanging out, he’d figure that Bree would call him a pansy for wanting to go on the swings and just talk. Instead, against his better judgment, he gave her the choice. “I dunno, whatever you wanna do is cool.” Bree’s face lit up and for an instant he saw Chelsea flicker across her face, before her lips curled into a sinister smile. “Boy, I think its about time I taught you how to ride, you got the looks, all you need now is the leather jacket and your Harley Davidson and the chicks will be all over your bada**.” Elijah smiled at that. Bada**? Him? The most bada** thing he’d ever done was ditch school to go to the beach and take photos just for the heck of it. “Sure, lets go.” Bree grabbed his hand and led him out the shop. Elijah decided, that he was in need of some excitement, and this was certainly more exciting than whatever Chelsea had in mind at Starbucks.

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