January 6, 2011
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The crowd was cheering, “Freedom! Freedom!” Until the sound silently faded. Until the cheering gave way to pure silence. Suspenseful and abrupt silence. Eventually the night of the freedom march became another memory. Another story in history books. Just another event worth looking back and remembering; in case you needed inspiration. However, its not to say it was a failure, but it wasn't a success. It was a mere attempt to try and change things. It was the starting point for one man and his pursuit of what became just another memory.

His pursuit started as soon as he was able. He began looking for ways to start, but couldn't. Not because he didn't want to, but rather because he couldn't find anyone to believe in him. He had just finished this great prototype to help humanity! But, no one could believe it'd work. Maybe they didn't believe in him. Maybe they didn't like change, or maybe he needed to find a way to make people except it. He worked for months, redrawing his designs over and over. His garage became covered in dust. His floor blanketed in sheets of drawing and math, which looked like mere scribbles.

Of course, as was expected, his idea was not accepted. People hardly mentioned, or even noticed. Disappointed he began packing his things, his table, his invention, his dreams. Over time he began thinking of the many people who needed his invention; his dream couldn't be met unless he tried to show its usefulness. He began advertising, had a huge sale, free gift with purchase, lifetime warranty! Finally the sign read, “Free”. Even then, there laid his invention. The only use it showed, was its talent in gathering dust.

Day after day, he stood. Waiting. Even as snow piled over his scuffed hat, and spring showers filled his boots. He stood, waiting. Even as the townspeople gossiped over his supposed invention that could “Make life easier.” He stood, waiting. Even as the mayor himself asked for the removal of his once pearl white table, which was now darkened by the smog of the street. He stood, knowing his invention would someday be picked up.

His friends would tell him, “Just forget it. At least you tried. I would buy one, but I've run out of money.”

He knew that wasn’t the case. He kept believing that someday, somewhere, someone would buy his invention. Maybe they’d realize how useful it is and that he wasn't crazy. Maybe they would all one day shout his name. They would name their pets after him. No, better, they would name their kids after him. Maybe even parks, towns, maybe even a planet that has yet to be discovered.

As he was faced back to reality, a new company had emerged. Filled with wealthy investors looking to make fast money. They sent in their smartest engineers to create a product similar to his. It was apparent that he was scared. Had he spent all his money, his dreams, on something that a large wealthy company could easily take over? The company was able to accomplish building the same invention; however it wasn't very well built. Of course soon after, the company couldn't afford to keep trying to sell the product and soon discontinued the product.

While crossing the street, an investor noticed the man standing over his table with a smile. The same smile he noticed when he first saw the man putting up his once white table. He would greet the townspeople and never pressure them into buying his invention. He felt pity for the man, and approached him.

“Whats it do?”

“It makes life easier. It turns hours into minutes. But most importantly it allows you to carry and organize many things to and from work.”

Out of pity, he hesitantly bought one. To his surprise it worked! It allowed him to carry many things as well as organize them. He told his co-workers, and they told their friends; until everyone in town bought one. The man, realizing his dream had been accomplished, stood over his table as he shed one small tear.

I remember as I stood by him, he once whispered in my ear:

“No invention is too small to change your thoughts. No idea is too small to change the world. All it takes is a small step forward after another, slowly waiting for the right person to notice.”

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