The Girl

January 4, 2011
By , Bayport, NY
“One day she woke up just like any other day and she couldn’t hear anything. Her father was yelling up the stairs for her to get up and turn off the alarm because she was going to wake up the entire neighborhood, but she couldn’t hear her dad.

She continued to live life the best that she could. A week later she woke up but she couldn’t see anything. Now she really started to panic. She screamed, she couldn’t hear herself but everyone in a one mile radius could. Her father came sprinting up the stairs like he was in a fifty five meter race. She told him that she could no longer hear can see but she did not know if her father could hear her.

Her dad took her to the hospital because he didn’t know what to do. On the way there the girl thought about how in the past she always wondered what it would be like to lose a sense. It just occurs to her that she will never again be able to see the sun set or watch the snow fall or watch fireworks explode in the night sky or even look out the window during class. Since she no longer can hear anything she became very sad because she won’t be able to listen to music or listen to her friends or even her father yelling at her to clean her room.

The doctors don’t know what is wrong with her. Her father turns absolutely still the girl can’t hear what is going on around her but she can sense the silence in the air. No one moved for a while, time seemed to stand still even longer than usual. Each minute seemed like a life time. After some time she nodded her head to show that she somewhat understood what was going on.

The girl wanted to do so many things before she died but deep down in her heart she knew that she wouldn’t be able to do those things. She wanted to learn to fly an airplane and break the sound barrier and she wanted to be in a great debate like in the movie The Great Debaters. She knew that it would be very hard to do these things with the loss of two senses.

Months pass and it is now wintertime and she is still deaf and blind. Her father takes her to the beach because he knows that it is probably her favorite place in the world.

She loved the way the sand felt between her toes. More than anything she wanted to feel the water wash over her feet one more time. Slowly, she walked to the down to the water’s edge without falling. The water rushed over her feet, she is the happiest she has been in a very long time. The ocean is freezing and in what seems like seconds she could no longer feel her feet. She takes another step into the water; the water is halfway up to knee. The water is strong; it pulls her in step by step. She feels the water being pulled in and she knew that, that meant a giant wave is approaching. She took a deep breath and dove under, never to be seen again.”

Years have passed and no one has ever swum at that beach, they fear that if they do they will lose a sense and be swept away out to sea, never to be seen again. Some people believe this girl didn’t drown, they believe she is just floating in the ocean going where ever the currents will take her.

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