the final act

January 4, 2011
By Nunu17 BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
Nunu17 BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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" you made your bed now lay in it"

a young couple ages 17 went to the boys bestfriends party, their goal was to only have one drink but that one drink got to them. together they both had 20 cups of liquor. the young man decided it was time to go, so him and his girlfriend got into his car and headed home. on their way home something happened, he was drunk and in a hurry to get home and make love to his girl and he ran a red light. next thing you know the tires started screeching,and shattered glass all over the place. it just so happens that a mother,a father,their 15 year old son, and their 7 year old daughter was on a family bick ride they got hit by the young couples car. the mother and father went through the windsheild and the son and daughter flew 10 feet into the air and landed on they heads they died instantly.police and parents were called. the police officer looks over the boy and said "what were you thinking son did you really think you could drink and drive" the police officer pulls the sheet over his head and says,"if only you'd called your mom or dad you'd still be alive." the put him in the ems. at the hospital the doctors announced all of the accident people and the young couple "DOA." the boys parents came last. the boys father in shock, the boys mom in tears. the father looks at the boy and says "he was our only son this can't be happening." the boys mother kisses his cheek and says "no not him." why god why?" at the boys funeral the mom leans in and kisses the boy goodbye. as the father pulls the mom away she screams "why." as he is lowered into his grave he meets his angel she says with a saddened voice, " it didn't have to end this way you knew you had a choice im sorry it's to late now. time i can't go back that my son is a fact." the boy falls to his knees and crys out "it was a stupid thing to do, i wish i could take it back, but the curtain has been lowered. so ends my final act."

The author's comments:
i hope that people will read this and know the dangers of drinking and driving

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