January 2, 2011
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New York, San Francisco, Boston, et al. Anywhere but here will due. I thought as I stood in front of this place so-called home. I took a deep breath, unlocked the lock, turned the knob, and walked in, expecting a mess to clean up after a fight. However, the emptiness cooled my heart. Furniture, wall decorations, curtains, even the old out of tune piano, all gone. Staring, I forgot to even pull out the keys lingering on the door, or to take off my shoes. The sun is behind me, the shadow of the hanging keys is the only proof that I entered the right house. I rushed upstairs into my room. Same. Not even the photo albums, or the text books, all the memories on the chipped up bulletin board, my old journals. I searched around the house for trace of scraps that proves someone lived in this house just this morning. There were none. Tiny sweats pierced through my forehead and back, bloods rushed throughout my body as I stood in the living room, alone. What happened, where is Mom, Dad, Lacy, Percy, and Colton? Someone, something, wake me up, for it’s the most dreadful nightmare of all. The screaming silence is about to break my eardrums. Suddenly, the tiny buzz of the cell phone pulled me back into myself, I pulled it out of my pocket and held it as a life saver.
“Allie! Wake up wake up! Or Dad’s going to yell again! Hurry!’’ Lacy’s innocent voice seemed to be faraway, and as my eyes came into focus, I realized that we’ve already move out of that house into this apartment. Just as Lacy finished her warning, Mom came into view scowling, I know what’s coming—yelling and punishment. However, the hatred laid quiet while the overwhelming appreciation for family roused.
I’m not alone. It doesn’t matter how my life suck, they’re always here. As long as they’re here—Lacy, Percy, Colton, and Mom—I will not complain to rebuild the disastrous home after Mom and Dad’s every fight. I don’t want to be alone.

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