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December 9, 2010
By krystieBeth GOLD, Inez, Kentucky
krystieBeth GOLD, Inez, Kentucky
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"Remember, darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good."
-p.c. cast

daughter: i want to be a writer.

mom: you want to starve.?

daughter: i want to be an english teacher.

mom: you want to be worthless.?

daughter: i want to be a nurse in a nursing home.

mom: ugh.... maybe if you want that to be a start to become a nurse practioner thats fine.

daughter: i love you mommay.

mom: wheres your midterms.?

daughter: ......

mom: you have a D in geometry.?!

daughter:....... its just midterms he said i can make up a test i missed.....

mom: your behavoir is unexceptable.

the daughter sits up late studing for the make up test...

mom: why are you up so late.?! on the phone with some stupid boy i presume..

dad: you know it. thats all she knows to do.!

mom walks out of the room.

dad: no guy will ever care about you they never have never will. give up.

the next morning before the test.

mom: why didnt you do the laundry.? your worthless im the only one who can do anything around here. you lazy brat.

after the test she begins to cry as she realizes she has failed with the only thought in her mind being why dont they love me.? if no one will care then why even try.?

she comes home that evening and tells her mom she thinks she did alright but the next day when she gets back the results theres no hiding it.

mom: well its nice to know you stayed up studing and didnt help me clean just to fail why do you pretend to try just give up. no college will ever want you with a D on your grades. nobody ever will. give up.

her mother screams and she yells with the daughter having no place to go she lays on her bed and cries cries and cries.

the next day she explains to her teacher she has to make up her grade she must do anything and everything to recieve at least a C she bEgged and she pleaded for help and eventually she got just that. she stayed after school doing tutoring with her teacher all after noon.

mom: where do you think you have been.?

daughter: i told you i had tutoring today i left a note and told you in person twice.

mom: you where probably out with a stupid boy again. what did i tell you about that.! maybe if you cared about your grades as much as you do boys youd have an A but no i got stuck with a daughter who just wants to ride on the back of someone else her whole life.! a bottom feeder.! give up.!

the daughter goes to her room and cries some more and then realizes crings not going to help it doesnt matter how many tears are spilt.

she studies and studies her best and ends up with a B in geometry.

mom: hhmmmh maybe if you were smart you would have an A and go do the dishes youve barely picked up a cleaning utensil in a week go clean up your room and do up those dishes.

the daughter holds out cleaning and being a full time student.

mom: you need to get a job. your going to start helping out around her for once.

the daughter went out the next day and filled out an application at the super market days later she goT a call back accepting IT.

her days were long going to school then strait to work (every dime going to her parents) after work she came home to a complaining mother and loads of cleaning to do. after she cleaned she studied went too bed took a shower and went right back at it starting all over again day by endless day.

i want to give up she thought

mom: you cant do anything right can you. and by the way your looking thin you should start eating and stop tring to look better than me youll never be as pretty as me.

daughter: .......

and went to bed.

the next day the daughter passed out at work and was taken to the hospital.

mom: i told you you needed to eat stop it im concerned about you, you should try harder.

the daughter continued her days the way they were but decieded to keep some chocolate in her purse..

graduation day.!

mom and dad never show.

she gets her peice of paper proving shes ready to make it into the world. she takes it and takes it far. that week she gets a letter in the mail being accepted to MSU.

a week later all her stuff is gone her clothes makeup bed sheets. everything shed need.
underneath a pen the parents found a note....

sorry mom and dad i cant take it anymore. im off to college. im not sure what im going to be but i know im going to be a darn good one. thanks for nothing. bye.

mom: uh we went terribly wrong with that girl somewhere.

several years later...

she becomes a counsilour for kids with homes like hers she sends her parents the first letter in years.

i didnt give up. and i didnt fail. wow being me worked out. who wouldve thought. im a sucsessfull person, with a wonderful job, a husband and a two month old daughter i all love. im just glad you did teach me one thing....
you taught me how not to be good parents. thanks i appreceate it.

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