A Not So Starry Night

January 1, 2011
By lizzywarriors22 BRONZE, Warrenton, Missouri
lizzywarriors22 BRONZE, Warrenton, Missouri
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I walked through the front door, hoping not to ran into anything in the pitch black. Reaching my room, I collapsed onto my bed. Finally letting the tears fall, I drift asleep.


As the credits started to roll down the screen, my best friend and I rose and exited the theatre. Walking down the ramp towards the bathrooms, Angie bumped my shoulder. Looking at her in question she inclined her head towards the girls’ bathroom.

Glancing over I spot my boyfriend, Josh, waiting for someone. My face brightened as we walked towards him. As Josh caught my eye his face became blank. My stomach started to ache. I knew something was off.

“Josh! Why are you here? I thought you had to study.” I asked as we stopped about two feet from Josh.

“Natasha.” Josh said as he gave a stiff nod in my general direction. My heart raced as he used my full name. I stole a glance to my right. Angie shrugged her shoulders at Josh’s strange behavior.

“Josh what’s going on?” I asked with a little panic laced in my voice. As Josh opened his mouth to reply a girl I recognized from my French 3 class walked out. My heart dropped, shattering as it hit the tile. Josh threw an arm around her shoulder. Angie and I glared at Josh. He looked anyway but.

“Joshie Bear, who are your friends?” The fake blonde asked in a sickly sweet voice. I got a cruel satisfaction at the fact that Josh cringed at the nickname.

“No one, Mindy, they’re not important.” Josh stated. Angie stepped into Josh’s face, her hands pulled tightly in fists next to her sides.

“You are the biggest cheating jerk! She’s been your girlfriend for seven months!” Angie yelled, “and who’s this wh…?”

“Angie, enough! This won’t make anything better. It’ll only make it worse.” I demanded. Angie looked shocked but closed her mouth and stood beside me.

I reached inside my purse and grabbed my wallet. I handed the prom ticket to Mindy, I didn’t need it anymore.
I unclasped the bracelet Josh had given me for our sixth month anniversary. I held it in my hand, as I read the engraving one last time.

T- I love you until the last star burns out. -J
I dangled it between my thumb and index finger. “Until the last star burns out,” I quoted as I dropped the bracelet in Josh’s extended hand. I saw a flicker of hurt and regret as it crossed his face. All too soon the emotions were gone.

Angie grabbed my arm and we walked away from the happy couple. We turned as someone ran up behind us and tugged my arm.

“I’m sorry, Tasha,” Josh stated, his face blank.

“Me too, Josh. Me too,” I whispered. I turned towards the door as Angie and I walked into the night. I glanced up, towards the moon as Angie went to start the car.

I stood, as tears started to fall down my cheeks, and watched as the last star was covered by clouds.

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