I was guilty ...

December 30, 2010
By Tatyana DIAMOND, Colorado, Colorado
Tatyana DIAMOND, Colorado, Colorado
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I was guilty of everything that made us break apart. But , everyone thought it was but as a whole it was both of us. They didn't know about us not even close most thought we were happy but they thought wrong. The smiles were only disguises that masked the unhappy life we shared. We both lied losing the thin called TRUST. It's not often honestly comes with least that's what you told me. My reasons for lying to you were diffent you see. I love you so i lie to protect your feelings. If i didn't care i would just sit there and tell the truth. The massive anger our hearts had toward each other is uncovering the truth. Pretendors is what became of us because no one knew the dangers that has become of us. Secrets just follow not leaving dead behind. You ever heard the saying skelations find a way to come out the closet. It's happening but neither of us feel a thing. Strangers 9is what we became to one another. The heart just beats because i don't know you nor do you know me. Were sleeping with strangers wondering who can this be. The eyes never lie i see straight through you. There's nothing but empty wondering can you see me am i full or empty as can be. I want to believe it hurts but i can't. Does it even hurt do i want it to hurt
your feeding off of me thats how my body's becoming weak im feeding of of you caring less and less about what you say and do. Enimies which we turned into over night.People noticed the changes our disguises were over. The distance torn us ,you'll go your way and i'll go mine there were no hi's and byes. I was unpridictable so were you its obvious were not the happiest nor honest. Which bring me back to the saying people true colors began tho show. We never knew what was gonna happen next our life was becoming a peace by peace puzzle. But , others were putting it together faster that we were . Now our secrets are out to the world.

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on Jan. 7 2011 at 8:17 am
Tatyana DIAMOND, Colorado, Colorado
60 articles 0 photos 171 comments
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