The Beach of No Return

December 28, 2010
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My friend Elaina was driving, and I found myself in the passenger seat dozing off.
I look to the back, at my daughter, and Elaina’s. Our little angels sleeping so peacefully, I would never dare wake them.
I turn back around and look out the window in awe at the beautiful sight.
“Where are we going?” I ask with a spark curiosity.
“To the beach” she says, without taking her eyes off the coast.
We sit in silence taking in the view of the sunset. As soon as she hits the brakes, I kick my sneakers off in excitement; open the door and step onto the warm sand.
I run to the edge of the cliff, not a soul in sight.
I close my eyes as a cool breeze makes its way across my long dark brown curls, and just stand there taking in the breeze, the view of the sunset, even the low sound of the rushing waves fill my ears. For the first time in my life, it’s as if time stopped.
I open my eyes, and look below over the edge at the creepy dark blue water, that could swallow me whole if I let it. I hadn’t noticed before, but we were on the deep side of the beach. The drop off.
“Beautiful isn’t it” Elaina says, interrupting my train of thought.
“Y-yes” I say, a little startled. She had been standing right next to me, and I was so into the view I hadn’t noticed. She probably felt like I was ignoring her, when I was in the moment. Then it hit me.
“Oh my gosh, what are we doing! I’m sure the girls want to watch the sunset too!” I say as I sprint to the car.
When I reached the back of the SUV, I think my heart stopped. My eyes widen, as they examine the empty leather seats that were once occupied.
“Where are the girls?” I say in a whispered mutter. I say it again, “Where are the girls?!” this time in a state of panic. I stand there, my eyes piercing through the car from left to right, trying to take in every little detail.
Slowly, I can feel it becoming harder to breathe, as if I’m gasping for my last breathe. I can’t feel anything, but the loud beating drum of my heart pounding so hard, feeling as if it will burst out of my chest.
All I can see is Elaina running around screaming her head off, calling the names of our precious little angels that are no where in sight. I feel as though a bright light has been turned off, leaving me in darkness.
My state of panic is broken for a second, as I catch a glimpse of Elaina sprinting into the woods. To look for the girls most likely- wait. The woods?
That’s what confuses me the most. I don’t remember there being any woods over here.
“Were at the beach…aren’t we?” I say to myself.
To scared to find the answer to my question, I start heading into the woods after Elaina who has now vanished from my sight.
That is until I noticed something from the corner of my eye. A detail of the thousands that I caught as my eyes were forced to peal away from the beach. There was a dark figure by the car. As I slowly force my body to turn around to face it, I notice that there’s a man standing by the car. Questions flood my mind, “Why didn’t I see him before? How long has he been standing there? Did he…take the kids?”
I didn’t hesitate to ask the one question I was afraid to find the answer to.
“Where are the kids?” I spit at him.
“Where are the kids?” I ask again in a loud screech.
I could feel the adrenaline making its way into my blood stream. Before I realize it, I’m already sprinted off toward him, but he just stands there, with no expression on his face. Without hesitation, my hands grab hold of the front of his black hoodie, and knock him to the ground. My motherly instincts have taken over now, like a lion defending her cubs. I can barely register what’s happening, because of my wailing.
“What did you do with the kids?!” I yell that question for what seems like a thousand times, while my fists make blows to his expressionless face. His eyes scare me the most, so sharp, as if they’re piercing my soul.
No matter how many times I yell, and punch, he’s still as a rock, without struggling, and not a word makes its way to his lips.
My eyes start to blur, as I taste the salt water running down my cheeks. All I think about now is the deep black water on the side of the cliff, the kids, and this mysterious man. I try so hard not to fear for the worst, but it is impossible for me now.
My fists come to a stop, as the adrenalin leaves my system. I can’t even look at his face, as my eyes look to the ominous clouds in the black sky that was once beautiful. My face is dry from my eyes that cannot produce any more than what they already have. Suddenly all my surroundings start to blur, and I think to myself, where am I? How did I get here? This isn’t happening. Where…are the kids?
Then, black out.
My eyes pop open, and I sit up panting, then pause…as my eyes slowly make there way to the white comforter over my legs.

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