Why Him ?

December 27, 2010
Him .
She is all alone. No one to help her but yet, no one knows what she goes through.Everyone thinks she's perfect. No one knows her obstacles. as he touches her, stroking her legs, thinking they're long and thick. he says he loves her.but why does he do this? Since mama died, he's been like this. I guess he misses her touch. Daddy loved mama. he misses her kisses, her legs, her breast. Everthing the girl is growing.He tells her she should act when they're alone. Se fears leaving him.He'll be lost without her. She just feels trapped. She knows what he does is wrong, but she loves her daddy. She's all he as left.The feeling he gives her is scary for her. She feels uncomftorble. no one would ever guess she would go through this. He invaded her. She always thought what mama would say.She would be dissappointed in him! The girl feels sick. Every night if daddy's in the mood he shows her his love. She hates it. It makes her feel nasty and sick. The girl askes herself" Why should she live?" She doesn't want to leave her daddy but she doesn't like him touching her.Her solution. . . pills, ibruprofen, tylenol,pain killers. She figures the more she takes the more pain goes away. She takes alot. After daddy does his thing on her, she takes her pills. Thats all she has.They can never betray her or touch her like daddy.She never shed a tear. She was nuetrual.

"The love and hate relationship.

He loves me, I hate what he does.

The knife,the pills, and everything above

When our eyes meet, what do you see

The rage,the fire, the feelings or the tears

Remember there's a girl like this on every


You look at them, they look at you

Could it be true?"

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