In Stacy shoes

December 23, 2010
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There she was the ugliest girl in school Stacy McKnight. Stacy wasn't just ugly she was also a horrible dresser. When I ask her why did she dress like that? She answered “why do you care?" I really didn’t care I was just feeling myself. That particular day I had on a new outfit my auntie had bought me and I needed to draw more attention to myself so I had to confront Stacy. I chose Stacy because she always has a weird comeback and then walk away. After that I heard responses from some of those stupid stuck up girls. They whispered "she got a new outfit and now she thinks she’s a celebrity. But I like that outfit.” All I heard was I like that outfit and I went through the day with my nose to the ceiling. When confronting Stacy that gave me a chance to say something smart and not have to deal with along argument. On a regular day my outfit is better than. We didn’t wear the same clothing line. Stacy doesn’t care what people think. Stacy is actually a good friend. In the 8th grade we were practically best friends. When we went to high school things had to change. I still wouldn't be friends with Stacy because I still have intension on changing. Stacy wears tape on her glasses everyday and at the end of the week she use to throw on a purple shirt with some green pants. The school and I talked about her all 3rd period. She couldn't say anything. Stacy also smells like baking soda. I always ask people do you guys know why she smells like baking soda. I went up to her and ask her "how strong are you?"
"Why?" she asked
"You should be because of armor hammer" I replied. Everybody started to laugh and I felt like the funniest person on earth.
In high school I was popular and lame. Sometimes I was popular because of something new I had and then I went back lame when I went back to my regular stuff or something new I had got old. I was popular for about a whole 2 weeks.
I thought I would never be like Stacy until this one day I walk in her shoes. I had woke up that morning and found out I slept in my glasses. They were broke in half so I toss them in my book bag. I went to the bathroom and wet my toothbrush when i look down to reach for the toothpaste there wasn’t any. I went to ask my mother did we have any toothpaste and she said no use this baking soda and I forgot to do the laundry last night.
"What do I suppose to wear?" I screamed
"You have that lime green shirt and then pink pants where that" she screamed. I couldn't stay home from school because I had finals so I put on that lime green shirt and those purple pants and went out the door.
When I was walking to school I wanted to see if that was mike walking down the street so I grab my glasses out my book bag and taped up with some clear tape I had. After that I went to school and when I went to school I could hear everyone talking about me. A girl came up to me and said "taste the rainbow" I said "leave me alone” and walked off. I forgot I had still had on my taped on glasses and everybody kept walking up to and telling me I am the one who smell like baking soda now. I couldn’t take any more so when lunch time came I made a big announcement on how they don’t no what people go through at home. After everyone stop laughing at me Stacy came up to me and said good speech. That when it came upon me that I was walking in Stacy shoes.


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