A day in the Life of Polly-Ann Foxworthy

December 20, 2010
By MEhardt SILVER, Oak Ridge, New Jersey
MEhardt SILVER, Oak Ridge, New Jersey
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"Oh yes the past can hurt but the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn it."

Polly-Ann Foxworthy was a perfect child, at least in the eyes of those around her. In the early morning as she sat on her large white porch; Polly Ann looked as perfect as a porcelain doll. Her skin looked smooth and rosy, even her clothes were flawless not a ruffle in sight. She sat as straight as a pin as she looked at the rising bright, blistering Georgia sun. Yes, on the outside Polly-Ann Foxworthy was perfect. She was a rich, spoiled southern girl with money as old as the world itself. The Foxworthy’s beautiful southern house has been in her family forever. Passed down generation by generation since the day it was first built. It has been though all the hard times and good times of the south. Still standing high and prefect just like the Foxworthy family. Polly Ann sat still waiting on the porch think about the red earth that has been in the family forever. The same red earth that was her source of life, the money and house that she loved. She sat still on the porch swing, her school books next to her nicely packed lunch, waiting for the bus as she did every morning. She had woken up at the crack of dawn, gotten dressed and ready; quickly before anyone had gotten up yet. She then when down stairs at about five thirdly to find her pancakes all ready and stacked high and hot for her to eat. Delia the maid had made them and left them ready for her to eat like morning. After eating breakfast Polly Ann went back up stairs, where she said good morning and far well to her Mama and Papa while there was sleep still in their eyes. She made her way back down stairs, grabbing her packed lunch and books, skipping onto the porch just in time to see the early morning sun lift above the horizon. After watching the sun, Polly Ann got on the school bus, where she would soon become the center of the attention. She was the most popular girl school and used it to her advantage. Her school days always went smoothly, her close girl friends around and everything handed to her. Once the school day is over Polly Ann would come home, where Delia would serve her and her guests. Polly Ann always had guest over after school. Some her friends, others their because of her looks, or her money. All there to talk or do whatever she asked. On the outside Polly Ann could be no better. She is a sixteen year old girl, young, pretty, smart, and controlling. She had the world in her hand. She has her father’s money and the town graveling at her feet. Perfect, easily life on the outside… On the inside however…Polly Ann constantly feared the day someone would come and see right through her prefect creamy white skin.

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