Valentine's Day

December 20, 2010
By Kristin.B SILVER, La Mesa, California
Kristin.B SILVER, La Mesa, California
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Maddy’s designer stilettos tapped on the puddles of the flooded pavement. Her freshly done makeup dripped down her face in dark streaks. Her cheeks were a rosy red and her lips were a light pink. Her skin was smooth and there was not a single wrinkle visible on her doll-like face. Her hair was a natural, dirty blonde and pinned back in an elegant ponytail. Goosebumps slowly spread across her slender, bare legs. Her lips trembled and she began to rub her hands together.
She turned her head until her eyes met a discarded newspaper a couple of feet away. She ran up to the paper and lifted it over her head. The newspaper kept some of the water off Maddy, but she was already drenched. Her arms began to shake after she had held the paper for a while and eventually they fell to her sides. The newspaper dropped along with them.
As she wiped her face with the sleeve of her cozy, black overcoat, she glanced at her wristwatch. Maddy’s red heels began to tap a little faster. The sun had set and the moon had begun to cast its dim glow across the towering buildings. A myriad of lights, glowing on advertisements, shining out from offices, and flashing around store windows, illuminated the darkness. Car horns blared as tires splashed through street puddles. A stream of cars continuously zoomed by, but none stopped.
Maddy’s eyes shifted to the store window displays not far from her. All of the windows were crowded with red roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. Each window was decorated in pinks, reds, and whites. Loving couples strolled by, holding hands and sheltering themselves under umbrellas. A deep sigh escaped from her delicate lips. Her breath appeared in a misty white cloud before it vanished into the air around her. Maddy’s attention was suddenly brought back to the passing cars when a fiery red sports car honked its horn. The car pulled up to the curb and a handsome man driving the car stuck his head out the window. A colossal smile extended across Maddy’s beautiful face. Her date had finally arrived.

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