I wish I never met you

December 1, 2010
By tylerz GOLD, Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
tylerz GOLD, Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
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Life is to short to not share it with another person.

I looked up at you again. My life completely fell. Shattered and broke into something that was not me. I fell to the bitter ground and cried. I couldn’t get up. I was being consumed into the world. I fell farther. Those words, the evilness of them, they hit me to hard, and destroying every chance I had of loving again. No one could feel the hate I have now. My shaking hands cried out to me. There was nothing left for me. I could die and not care. I stood, but I quickly fell again. I hit the ground hard. My past started to play its harsh memories. I open my eyes and wipe away the tears. I stand and look at you, in your dark hateful blue eyes. The ones I once loved. I open my mouth. I try to speak but my voice cries out in agony. I step back, trying to find some solid ground I can stand on. Finally I give my body one push to talk. With every ounce of energy I had left, I look at you again and say in the most terrible words I could find. “I wish I had never met you.” And then plummet to the earth again, to be fully consumed by its wicked people.

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