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December 17, 2010
By amandaaahaha BRONZE, Clintonville, New York
amandaaahaha BRONZE, Clintonville, New York
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Chapter 1
I slowly opened my eyes, I could hear my alarm clock and hit snooze. Just five more minutes I pleaded in my head. “Breanna! Wake up!” I hear my mom yell from the kitchen. Monday mornings are absolutely dreadful. That’s when the weekend is at its farthest. Unfortunately, Saturday night, my boyfriend and I got in a fight at a party. I left and he stayed. Let’s just say I don’t trust him. I finally get the ambition to get ready for school. Not feeling my greatest, I put on a smile for my mom to avoid getting questioned. I finally get to school, and all eyes are on me just like any other day. Today is different. It’s like everyone has some kind of secret. There’s something going on that everybody knows but me.

Later that day at school I was walking out with my friend Kelsey from cheer. It was our last class of the day and I have to admit that I was happy (not surprisingly so). Kelsey was her usual babbly self, but this wasn't her shallow-like gossip; it's about my boyfriend, Keith, and what he did this time. He was the school's quarterback and he looked the part. Keith used to be this big, cute teddy bear, who is definitely the nicest and most popular guy in Canton Hills High, but now he's a familiar stranger to me. He looks the same but acts like a whole different person.

"Would you just say it, Kels? This makes my head hurt."

"Ok, ok," she says and turns so I'm looking into her big, blue eyes.

"He got drunk."

"Kels, it's the same as always. Besides, I thought you said it was very important. You know, more important than that sale at Hollister tomorrow."

"Seriously!” she squealed. “Maybe we should ditch and go to it. And then maybe we can-" It was then that I interrupted her before she could avoid the subject.

"Focus, K! What happened when I left the party!" I exclaimed

"Listen before you get a little emotional about this, but something happened when he was wasted. Something bad. I mean really bad. I don't know if you'll be mad or sad or both but-"

"Just. Say. It." I said each word like it had its own sentence.
She sighed and asked,

"Have you checked your phone for anything?"

"Why," I said very slowly.

"You’re ignoring him like crazy today. He looked like a lost puppy at lunch when you refused to let him sit with you. And I bet he doesn't remember what he did. So you probably should check your phone." I sighed, and took my phone out of my purse and checked to see if there were any text messages or calls I missed. And of course Keith had called like five times and texted me about four times. Wow, he is a lost puppy I thought to myself. I looked at the text messages and groaned at the screen. Wat did i do? U kno i luv U. Watevr i did i dnt men it. Plz answer ur fone.

"What? What does it say?" Kels says trying to see the screen. I turned it toward her and her eyes practically doubled in size and she said,

"See I told you-"

"Please don't say 'I told you so.' What--did--he--do?"

"Ok. I'll tell you, but please avoid hitting me; I can't take pain." I rolled my eyes at her and said,
“Why would I hit you? Don't answer that question," I said when she opens her mouth.

"Please just tell me what happened or I'll go to Chase." I exclaimed.

"Don't go to Chase, the second best gossiper--besides me! Or as I'd like to call him “Queen” Chase” Oh, did I tell you? Queen Chase got into some trouble over the weekend?” said Kelsey

“I know, how come? He didn't do anything.” I said

“Yeah, I know. It’s because people are immature.”

“But seriously, why? He was with us most of the night. Now he's expelled for the rest of the year.”
“Our Gay best friend is gone!" Kelsey cried

"K, you told me already. And don't do that again."

"What?" she acted all clueless.

“Well, it was as fake as the best actress of the year, Kristin Stewart."

“Please, she is such a terrible actress.” Kelsey blurted, as she was trying to distract me. I put my hand on my hip and waited.

"I caught him by Holly's pool making out with her." Kelsey hesitantly said.

"What?" I almost screamed. This is something. I felt my palms tingle. I wanted to hit something so bad. Maybe I'd hit Keith and not Kelsey. I mean since she can‘t take pain and all. Why would I do that to a friend, my best friend? Hello? It's called, being considerate of others. Which I was of course, but then again most of the time I’m as snobby as the cheerleaders. I know what I deserve, and being cheated on is not on the list. I also know what I don’t deserve. Like the red Porsche 911 Turbo I got for my sixteenth birthday and the walk--in closet that's totally full. Of course I always get my hair professionally done at least once a week; a cut being every three weeks. So you can say I'm spoiled. "Yeah, I mean Holly is the richest person at CHHS but she's not the prettiest that’s for sure. She practically refuses to cut and do her hair. Have you seen those ends? They're so not the greatest, and everyone thinks you're the prettiest. I got to say you totally are . . ." I ignored her. I was in a fury; I stormed away from her and went out the door. I could hear her screaming at me to "Stop" and "Just take it easy." I didn't hear her, and I refused to listen to her. I looked all around and then saw him next to my car. How I pictured my hand going perfectly across his face at a quick speed. How that scene just replayed in my head about 100 times as I approached my car. He was leaning against the driver’s door and had a beer in his hand. Was he crazy? Drinking at school!

The author's comments:
This was a writing assigment that i was assigned in my Creative writing class. It's the first chapter of a book.

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