December 13, 2010
By davidrochell BRONZE, Fort Walton Beach, Florida
davidrochell BRONZE, Fort Walton Beach, Florida
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Life is to short so do what you wanna do before you die.

As I linger around his porch, I clinched my fists waiting for Jacob to answer the doorbell. Just as I ring the bell again he comes out. Just as he takes his first step out of his house I hit him square in the nose making a loud POW! Sound. Then just before he falls I hit him again harder than before and straight in the gold tooth.

“I thought I could trust you” I say as he is dizzy from the first two punches I gave him.

Now, coughing up blood from a horrifying stomach shot I just gave him, he says “I have no pump, your bike had a flat and you weren’t answering the phone”.

Getting furious with the situation I yell at him “take some responsibility punk”. Hitting him again, now harder than all of the three hits. I say to him “where is my bike”?! He doesn’t answer so I just walk around his house. Finding my bike there on the side of his house with nothing wrong with it I ride it to the front of his yard. He is still lying on the porch and I think to myself that I have anger issues and they have to stop. So, I ran up to him asking if I could help with his bruises or anything. He tells me “I need an ice pack and can you carry me inside my house?”

Doing as he says I reply to him saying “I’m sorry I have anger issues and I need to change them.

He says to me “ok, I forgive you. I know that you beat me up and I deserved it. I can only say sorry for this but I will do anything for us to be friends. I except your apology but I also say I’m sorry to for being a bully to you.

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