Rain Chapter 2

December 19, 2010
By sammyxochaos SILVER, Central Falls, Rhode Island
sammyxochaos SILVER, Central Falls, Rhode Island
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Onyx walked into the human club slowly. Not knowing what she felt. Nova didn’t know how much it hurt her to be a stupid human. Never being equal to him. The brother that she looked so much alike. How her mother looked at her the first time she walked in to her brother and parents feeding. She knew they drank humans but she had never thought about how they did it. She was thirteen. She had just gotten back from her human school. And had thought her family was asleep in there rooms. So she did not hesitate to open the door. And turn the knob. To see her brother leaning into his girlfriend Carrie. A sixteen year old Nova. Laid Carrie’s long blonde her from her neck baring his fangs he was ready to bite… “Nova! Don’t.” Interrupted Nova looked up. And his face went blank. “Onyx you weren’t suppose to be home-” before Nova could say more Onyx was running for her parent’s room. “Mommy?” Onyx opened the door to her parents room. Just as Gabriela wiped the blood off her lips. She looked at her daughter. Onyx looked like she’d seen the devil himself. She turned and ran to her room.

It had taken days for Onyx to finally come out of her room. Nova had spent two nights laying next to her door. Whispering for forgiveness. From his younger sister. He hadn’t known that she would be home he had said. That if he hadn’t he might have gone after his sister. He didn’t ever want that to happen.

Onyx was snapped out thought when a person started to tap on her shoulder. “Onyx Reed? What are you doing here?” Crash Martin a laser ball player for her high school was staring at her with his hazel eyes as the club lights flashed blues and pinks to his white shirt. “I have any right to be here as you.” Onyx pressed herself against the wall trying hard so he wouldn’t see her fake fangs that she had to retract quickly. “Yeah. But you never come here. What’s your reason now?” she smiled. “Nothing just want to have fun.” Crash smiled. “You can have fun with me.” she smelt the alcohol on his breath. Whiskey or some other drink served here. She looked at the situation in her mind. Crash was probably drunk. And probably wanted more than a friendly time with her. He did this with every girl at her school.

“Okay.” she would take this risk. She wanted to forget everything that had happened today. And that’s what she would do. Crash lead her over to his other friends and the girls that were stupid enough to think they were the hot guys in the school. “Onyx Reed? Crash how’d you score her she doesn’t talk to anyone and never comes here.” Vick Crash’s best friend looked Onyx head to toe. “Hey man, I have my ways.”

Onyx danced and drank the drinks that Crash passed her. An felt great. She had forgotten everything. Being human had it’s advantages. Crash and his friends started to get rowdy as the club started to slow down. “Hey you want to do to the old movie studio down the street they say it’s haunted.”Crash asked Onyx his eyes were supple with how many drinks he had had. “Oh cool.” Vick said. Trying to get Melanie his girlfriend to come along. Melanie hesitated at first until she saw Onyx nod her head in acceptance. Knowing they would probably be playing a trick on Onyx she agreed.

The old movie studio was located a block away from the club. And had been used for a movie ten years earlier but never was used again. Crash lead the way with Onyx in hand. Laughing and feeling great Onyx was in a dream land. Not realizing that vampires could be larking in the darkness of the studio.

“You scared Onyx?” Crash asked her. “Not at all are you?” she said opening the old door that creaked as she opened it. The studio smelled of beer and urine. “Ewe this place stinks.” Melanie said leaning into Vick’s jacket. “Let’s go into the basement bet it’s really scary.” Crash said. Leading the way towards into the stairwell. They passed an old elevator that’s doors were open but was empty with no actual elevator in it. It was a gapping obsess of darkness. “Watch your step ladies.” Vick said. “Staring at the gapping hole in the wall. “Don’t want anyone getting hurt.” A voice in the darkness spoke. Crash stopped in his tracks. Making Onyx bump into his back. “Who said that?” Crash asked into the darkness. Onyx went pale. Knowing who or what had said those words. How could she have been so stupid. To be lead right in. Right into a nest. “Guys come on.” Onyx pulled Crash’s arm. “It’s probably some old geezer trying to scare us.” That was right before Vick was dragged into the black obsess of they old elevator shaft. Crash and Onyx heard the cry from behind them. Melanie was screaming it seems she had been holding Vick’s arm as he was pulled. An now was holding a severed arm in her hand. She threw it and started to scream louder and louder. “Melanie shut up!” Onyx spit back at her. “We need to get out of here.” Crash stood at the opening of the stairwell he had been about to run into. He stood motionless. Staring at his friends remaining arm. “Oh my god..” he whispered. Onyx needed to get them out alive. But as she thought about her odds she was overwhelmed with fury.

“Crash get away from there and come on. We need to get out of here quickly. Before-” a louder scream came behind here. Melanie was being dragged into the darkness. “Melanie!” Onyx yelled. Crash landed on his feet trying to hold onto Melanie as the un seen predator tried to pull her to him. But it was strong inhumanly strong. He would be pulled with Melanie. Onyx put her arms around Crash and held on to a radiator that was attached to the wall next to the elevator shaft. “Crash hold on to me! As hard as you can!” Onyx yelled. Crash took one hand and grabbed onto to Onyx’s hand. But before he could get a grip on her hand. Melanie let go. She was pulled in to the darkness slowly as she screamed. But as she went further into the darkness her screams grew fainter.

Onyx got up and pulled Crash up off the floor. “We have to get away now!” Onyx whispered. She grabbed his arm and started to run. They were fast but not fast enough. “Come on we just want to say hi.” the voice was on they’re heels. “Come on sport boy!” she yelled to Crash. He ran faster.
Only they almost ran into someone.

A girl about Nova’s age stood there smiling at them. “I love a late night snack.” she laughed and bore her fangs. They were surrounded. “Don’t talk.” Onyx said to Crash. Just as another vampire came behind them but this time it was an older woman about forty. “ Natalya please don’t be rude to our guests. I am sorry but we haven’t eaten in days. Forgive us for being hungry. Your friends are not so lucky as you though I am sorry for that.” the woman looked back at Onyx. “I am Camellia Augustus and tonight you will die.” That was the last thing Onyx heard because just as they were talking Nova burst into the studio. He land between Onyx and Crash.

“Ge Milla Barona.” he hissed at the other vampires. Onyx knew what he said. I am better. Meaning that he was next in line for the high coven.

The other vampires came to they’re knees. Bowing to royalty. He grabbed Onyx who had been holding on to Crash and he pulled them through the studio to the front door and walked into the night sky. He spoke in the royal language. “What were you thinking. You know this area has vampires! Just because you are mad at me doesn’t mean you almost get killed. Haven’t we taught you this. Until you’re a vampire you can’t do stuff like this and with other humans. What am I going to about this one.” Nova nodded at Crash who was walking in a haze. Onyx replied back in the old language. “Nova what was I suppose to do? Let him die? Mother taught me better then that. Two people already died.” she looked into the gutter of the street. “Yeah. But you weren’t suppose to be down here. Mother forbid it for your safety. And what are we going to do about him. He knows to much he might go to the police. And the coven will blame you.” Onyx rolled her eyes. “He won’t say anything. He doesn’t know what happened look at him. He’s drunk.” she looked over at here brother. “We should bring him to mother and tell her what happened. Maybe she can clear his mind.” Nova said. Onyx nodded at her older brother.

Crash stared at the two people next to him. Speaking a weird language that he had never heard. Vick was dead. Melanie was dead. What would he tell Vick’s parents? They would be wondering were he was.

“I should go home.” he said to Onyx. As they sat on the Turbo train. She looked at him. “That’s not a good idea. When we get to my house I’ll tell you everything. Okay?” she said. “Okay.” Crash sipped the coffee she had bought him. It was sobering him up. It was four o’clock in the morning now. “Aren’t your parents going to be mad. It’s really late.” Onyx looked at Crash and laughed. “My parents well don’t care.” Crash looked at the guy that had saved them. “Is that you boyfriend or something?” Onyx laughed again. “God no. He’s my brother.” he laughed too. “Oh. Well how’d he know we were at that studio?” her brother looked at them. “I heard screaming. I’m Nova by the way.” He held out his hand to Crash. Crash shook his hand. “Okay.” he didn’t believe a word they both said. “Okay I don’t believe any of this. Vicks arm was pulled from his sockets. And those people wanted to eat us. I want the truth.” Onyx looked uncomfortable. Nova laughed. “Onyx this is your problem so you tell him he probably won’t remember anyway.” Nova looked at his sister.

“Can I trust you Crash?” Onyx said. She couldn’t believe her brother was making her tell him. “Yeah sure.” he said drinking his coffee.
“Those people. They weren’t human. Neither is my brother.” Crash laughed. “Then what are they?” he thought this was a joke. “Vampires.” she looked at the floor of the train. “Yeah and I’m not good at sports. Tell me the truth.” Onyx put her hands 0n her eyes. “Nova could you show him.” Nova came and sat down next to Onyx. “Fine.” he opened his mouth. Showing off his bleach white teeth. They were all fangs. Well two of them were. “What the?” Crash gasped. “Do you believe now?” Onyx asked. “Not really any dentist could do that to a persons teeth.” Nova laughed. “You asked for it then.” Just as he said this his eyes changed. From the ice blue they had been to purple then to green. “How did you do that?” Crash asked. “Because I’m a vampire.”

The author's comments:
Well i was inspired by something about the future. Maybe vampires.

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