December 17, 2010
By drummer98 BRONZE, Sheridan, Wyoming
drummer98 BRONZE, Sheridan, Wyoming
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" My mom always said that some day you'll be good a sumpin' ; i don't think she knew that it would be zombie killin'!"

Lets cut to the chase here. So the apocolypse happened, so what? I mean things like Volcanic Eruptions,massive earthquakes, mega tsunami waves, lanslides, hurricanes, and tornadoes ect occured. So what if we all died? SOME people are like this but i choose to take this matter very seriously. WARNING, IF YOU DONT LIKE HEARING ABOUT WACKY CRAZY STUFF...... then go watch tv and enjoy the life you have before it's over. Now, this letter was sent from me, an angel of the future, to warn you for what was ahead of you. You will experience the hell "mother earth" brings. Just to let you know, SHE'S EVIL!!! Anyways, as you all know, the world will eventually end. Maybe in a thousand years!! Maybe a million years!! OR maybe tommorow. So whenever it comes, BE PREPARED. It's time to repent of your sinful ways. Just kiddin' I want to inform you, not judge you. (But that is something you should do, repent of course). Live your life to the fullest. I spent all my life watching television and eating junk food. (I have NOTHING against junk food). Not at all! For your information, I am an angel with ADD so i can't focus and I jump subjects alot. You know what? This article is pretty pointless now. GREAT! God will be mad at me now!! Ummmm don't tell him I wrote this 'cause it's REALLY random.

The author's comments:
I was just REALLY bored. Hahaha! Plus I love writing. Guess what? My composition teacher gave me an A+ this quarter. YAY!

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