A Happy Little Family...

December 16, 2010
By Maranarraa BRONZE, Unalaska, Alaska
Maranarraa BRONZE, Unalaska, Alaska
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There we were in the middle of the park; I remember my mom pushing me on the swing. I thought that life couldn’t get any better, not knowing that my life would get worse. The sun began to set and we made our way home. My mom and I walking side by side with our hands locked. My mom was looking as pretty as ever with her dark brown hair blowing in the slight breeze.

When we arrived at home my dad was home also. My dad bent over and kissed me on the forehead, and asked me if I had fun at the park. We all made our way inside and my dad told me to go play in my room until he called me for dinner. He seemed angered. I didn’t know then that I would miss these days, of us being one happy little family.
I played for a while and then started to hear some loud noises. I got frightened, I didn’t know what was going on. I muffled the sounds of the yelling with my stuffed animal, and hid under the pile of blankets on my bed. A few minutes pass and the yelling died down. I got out from under the thick pile of blankets that I had been hiding under, and hopped off my bed. I got my little pink blanket and headed towards the door. When I opened the door I saw my mom getting all her stuff together. My mom was crying… I had never seen my mom cry before.

My dad came around the corner and my mom and dad didn’t even make eye contact. My dad bent over and picked me up and said, “Are you ready for dinner, sweetie?” As we got closer to the kitchen I could smell the steak that had just got done cooking, it smelt so good. Steak was a family favorite. My dad sat me down in my booster seat and dished me up. My dad sat down next to me and cut up my steak. I was really surprised to see my dad not eat, steak was his favorite. I can tell that he was upset by the way he through his head down into his hands.
In the middle of dinner they got into another fight. They were yelling loudly and saying mean things to each other. Their faces turned as red as a cherry. My mom was crying really hard kind of like how I cried when I fell of my bike. They were arguing a lot, and at the time I didn’t understand what they were arguing about, but now I understand. At the time I thought they were just having a fight over not sharing their toys.

By the time I got done eating the fight was over. My dad took my plate and put it in the sink and turned on the faucet. My dad took the plate and ran it under the warm running water, and sat it in the dishwasher. I walked towards my dad and he lifted me up so I could wash my hands. My dad turned the water back on and made sure it wasn’t too hot where it would burn me. I stuck my hands under the warm running water and my dad squirted soap into my hands. I loved washing my hands, because after they smelt like flowers. When I turned around to grab a paper towel to dry my hands off my mom was getting ready to leave.

“Mom where are you going?” I asked, but my mom just bent down and gave me a kiss. My mom was still crying, so I gave her a hug, and kissed her on the forehead. Then she said to be strong, I didn’t understand what this meant but I tried to be strong. My mom picked her luggage up off the ground and left with the door shutting behind her. My dad picked me up and said that everything was going to be alright and that mommy needs to leave. I started crying because I didn’t want my mom to leave, but she was gone, and I was too young to understand why, but now that I’m older i understand it was over drugs. I now understand why my father didn’t want my mom to be around me. She’s was a drug addict.

After my mom left my dad seemed sad, well rather more disappointed than sad. I hated seeing my dad this way, he seemed more frustrated with work and everything. My dad and I spent much more time together when my mom left. He made more of an effort to be around, and not be at work all the time. I now know this was a struggle for him because the economy was rough. I remember him sitting on old beat up coach with; a wrinkled button up shirt on it looked as if he had slept in it. I can still see him sitting their talking to someone about getting our bills paid off. But as a child I didn’t know what was going on at the time.

Two years pass and I am now six. My dad and I have been thinking about going to see my mom this past week. My dad thinks that it would be good for my mom and me to get to see each other again, knowing that I haven’t seen her since she left. My dad and I haven’t really talked about my mom till this week and he seems to be fine about going to see her. As we talk about going to see my mom, my dad whips up dinner. Where having a nice and easy settle dinner tonight macaroni and cheese. As I begin to eat the cheesy and warm delicious macaroni the cheese began to melts in my mouth. I cleaned my plate and put my plate in the sink and start getting ready for bed.

I began brushing my teeth and went and laid down in bed. About five or six minutes later the door creeks open. My dad walks over to my bed side and turns on the lamp. He kneels down beside me and whispers softly if I would like him to read me a story. I whisper back yes.. And that I would like a princess story. He made is way over to the book shelf and grabs a book. I make room for him to lay by me and read me my princess story, that I think I heard about a million times. I rest my head on his chest as he begins to read. I fall asleep with the thoughts of my mom racing through my head. I seem to feel like things will get better. Life goes on, and tuff times don’t last tuff people do.


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