The Last Wave

December 16, 2010
By Andrew Levy BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
Andrew Levy BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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The wind in my hair the sky was raging with fury. Should I really go through with this? Yes, I thought I’m going to do this and spend my last thoughts and moments doing my life passion surfing. “Dad I’m ready,” I implied. “Ok A.J. it’s your choice if you want to go out there and surf in a three level hurricane. But don’t you want to explore America.” “No dad I’m ready for this it is time.” Then for some reason I ran right into my dads arms and hugged him for what seemed was the longest time. I could feel the soft texture of the sand crawling up my ankle. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening to me. This was all happening so fast. Why did I have to have cancer with only a week to live? But I wasn’t going to woos out now since I came all the way from Sidney, Australia. It was time I took my surfboard and headed straight for the water. Thinking about how I should’ve been nicer to my dad even though he was always on expensive trips without the rest of the family. The hurricane was right above me now but I kept on paddling onward. The wind seemed to b about 100 mph. I looked back to the Miami coastline and saw my dad just starring. As I turned my head around and saw the big kahuna the 75ft monster wave coming in at me fast. I quickly whipped my surf board around. The wave was carrying me in I stood up on my surf board and started to do what I do best. I carved back and forth. But in an instant the wave was crashing in this was it. My life started to flash in front of my eyes. I could see Sidney I was back at my favorite restaurant with my mom and my sister Beatrice. I remembered all of the pranks and funny moments Chad and I my best friend spent together. BOOM the wave crashed.

The author's comments:
A thrilling adventure where a child would rather die doing what he loves (surfing) then die from a swarming life thretening cancer.

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