November 30, 2010
Everyone I love seems to do this thing called the monster. I don’t know very much about it, but everyone that I’ve loved has seemed to fall in love with the monster. All I know is it messes up your whole life. It makes your life harder. All I can think about is this monster. Two people I have loved a lot have done this monster. They left me here to deal and watch there life’s fall apart it hurts me a lot but they don’t seem to care. They tell me they love me but they don’t mean it, they don’t even remember it. It hurts when I see them because I know this monster is in them and it’s dragging them down. Everyday goes by without them talking to me. When they do all I can do is cry because I know that everything they say is a lie.

People say you’ll get better but days and days go by and you’re still not better. I asked to watch my games. You say you’ll come but you never do. After you’ll make up a lie saying you were busy but you were dealing with the monster. Everyday gets harder. I try not to think about it by putting a smile on my face, but by the time I get home it all comes out and all I can do is curse at this monster. It drags me down. Makes me sick. I hate you. You stupid monster! Why can’t you just leave!? Leave my loved ones alone. Please. I got nothing left… nobody else. I’m scared to love someone else because you might come and get them. I cry every night because of you. I hurt inside. It’s almost like it’s taking over and destroying everything I have. Everyday when someone says something about you it’s like you just spit in my face and said
“Ha! I got you again!”
I want to just through up and be sick forever! I’ll never let this monster get to me. Never. They mean nothing to me anymore. Help. Help my loved ones please make them better before the monster takes there life’s....

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